As she lay there bare skinned beneath the full moon. She gazed into Lady Moons gaze a tangle of red hair beneath her. Her hair adorned with a crown made of Juniper jeweled with blushing rose hips and  caramel colored acorns. She lay in her circle of candles, their flames dancing in the light breeze. Almost as if they danced in joy of the full moon as her soil did. Lady Moon cast a light glow across your alabaster skin. She soaked in the energy of the moon. Lapping it up like someone who has never tasted water. She stared into Lady Moon silent, but conversing in her mind. "Lady Moon fill me with your energy, My mistress of the night." She thought to herself "How big you are tonight my mistress. You could collide with your sister Earth and electrify the universe." She set up situating her hair to one side. She wrote a little prayer on a bay leaf and set it to the side under a crystal to keep it from dancing away in the breeze. She added some bits and pieces of significance to her offering bowl, laid the bay leaf on top and lit a match. Setting the match in the bowl watching it slowly blaze across the items. Flecks of ember danced out of the bowl and into the universe. She watched the smoke dance and change shape in the moonlight. A light orange glow from beneath. She thought " I've never been this content, my soul is at peace" As the embers burnt out she laid back down. Lady Moon slowly moved across the sky giving way for Father Sun. As Father Sun crept above the horizon she started to gather her items in her basket. Her candles long ignited. She wrapped her robe around herself and made her way through the woods back to her cottage. The light golden glow from the dawn sunlight making the dew glisten. 

Much love!!!


Published by Jason Howell