To the boy, to the girl or to whoever you are,

Right now, you may be going through a moment or moments of failure, downfalls and hardships. It hurts, I know, it hurts so much. It feels like your world has tumbled down, your heart is aching and shattering and your eyes are puffy from crying. I wish I could come and put a band aid on where it hurts, however I am unfortunately not a fairy godmother. Now, this may sound like a break up or may even feel like one too but this moment feels exactly like that or maybe even more. As this moment, takes you a step further away from you reaching your dreams, whilst everyone else is ahead galloping away succeeding them all.

Failure, downfalls and hardships; they are not a pretty words and neither do they make you feel any good. These are things that hurt me the most and it was the one thing that I wish you and I should not have to experience, but it is completely inevitable to avoid. Failure, downfalls and hardships makes you feel and think the most terrible things about yourself. It has you feel like a disappointment not only to yourself but to your family, to your friends and to everyone else who is important to you. You are scared about what people will say even though you tried your absolute hardest, and then you think that you are not good enough although you tried your best. You think that maybe if I just end it right now then people will not be ashamed of me, that maybe if I did not exist anymore then everything will be okay, the anxiety attacks won’t come anymore, the tears will no longer drop and I will not feel the depressing emotions anymore.

However failure, downfalls and hardships are a learning curve for all of us that we must learn from. It teaches us that we are people that holds a life existing full of resilience, perseverance and hope.  We learn that we are a better people then we may think we may be. Failure, downfalls and hardships makes life fun in some way, because if we follow the road of reality it makes life quite boring (although it is important to keep reality in mind). Encountering failure, downfalls and hardships is a test for us to determine the worth of our fairy tale dreams and to see if they are worth it.

In this way let me tell you, the road to achieving our dreams is not an easy one and failure, downfalls and hardships is part of the package when we want to achieve our dreams. You can never buy parts of it; reaching our dreams does not work like that. So, we may come over many types of failures, downfalls and hardships but the most important thing is that WE do NOT give up. When people are telling US no that we cannot do it, WE must keep going and NOT give up. When people stop BELIEVING in us, WE must keep going and NOT only give up but also keep BELIEVING in OURSELVES. The reasons why dreams are not fulfilled or we fall in a reality that we hate, and still cling onto the long lost dream that we had, is because we gave up too early, when the game hasn’t even started.

Therefore, it might seem like a hard and cruel world right now. It may not be what we envisioned for ourselves to go through. We had a plan set out perfectly but somehow God or maybe the Universe didn’t want to follow through them. So, to the boy, to the girl or to whoever you are; do the possible, achieve the possible even when it seems so impossible because I believe in US and I have hope that WE can do whatever we wish to do. Keep on dreaming.

Much love, 

Catherine xx

Published by Catherine Beltran