The plaque located on the exact spot where UPS first began operations

Written By: Gary Wonning

I arrived at the UPS Center, and my doubts increased. The building was old, all the doors were open, and snow was blowing in and the drivers were sorting their parcels on a wooden table covered with dance wax to make them slide easier. I decided to proceed; it couldn’t get any worse than this. It didn't help when I announced I was applying for a driving job and a couple of drivers looked at me as if I was crazy.

The thought even crossed my mind that maybe I should have my sanity checked by stopping to see a shrink on the way home.

Somehow I knew I was going to get the job. Be it instinct or a gut feeling, I just knew.

The Life and Adventures of a Parcel RedistributionSpecialist

capiture of a ups driver making a delivery

A UPS driver making a delivery to a beautiful blonde

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