okay, first things first. i got this idea from the book “the loose ends list” by carrie firestone.  it’s the most fantastic book, i swear. by the end of the book, i was ugly-sobbing my eyes out, so there’s that. but it’s totally worth it.

secondly, i’m just going to be trying out a new thing. my main blog was mostly used for little fiction pieces and poetry, but i think i want to try something new on here. my posts will have a little less of that, and more like…..just sorta...i guess, more mainstream? like lifestyle blogs. kinda.

thirdly, i’ll explain what “loose ends list” means. it’s really a nicer term for “bucket list”, actually. like, basically, the “loose ends” you want to tie up before you die. so. here’s my loose-ends list.  

  1. go to paris and spout victor hugo quotes at random people (and maybe sing. and cry a little because les mis is fav).

  2. write a book, have it published (which is probably never because i’ve never gotten past 10 chapters per attempt. but hopefully i’ll get it one day).

  3. be famous somewhere. preferably on the internet where no one actually knows who i am. (i mean like lowkey famous, not….like maybe 100k followers on somewhere, that would be nice).

  4. take up a sport and like it *cringe* (have i mentioned my fear of sports?)

  5. meet an online friend irl (and i mean someone in a totally different country)

  6. COACHELLA. ‘nuff said. (i’d probably be broke after that, but totally. worth. it)

  7. COMIC CON (and it’s where i’ll meet my one true love. or we’d have met already, and we’re going to comic con together. either’s fine.)

  8. watch a ballet (the nutcracker is bae. i might watch it at the end of this year *squee!!*)

  9. watch the phantom of the opera musical (i’ve heard great things about it. aND I MUST. I MUST BE PART OF IT.)

  10. learn how to walk in heels (seriously, i’m not even kidding. i mean, no hate for heels, i think they look amazing. but i just. can’t. walk. in. them. i’ve tried, trust me.) 

well that’s it then. this post was really fun:) i hope you liked it!!!


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