This post is really personal to me because it's a poem written by mother to my father when they were courting. I even asked for her permission before writing this post which she obliged  to but somehow I held back just because I wasn't too sure but after reading what Lala anthony wrote to her husband on their anniversary I had a conviction in my gut to finally write this post.

LALA WROTE "If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.

Growing up, I had to move states here in Nigeria so imagine my nostalgia when I stopped by old home in Anambra state. I got to spend two nights there and that affordaded me so free time which I spent at the old library shack, reading my mother's old books and reminiscing about my old novels and play books. I stumbled upon a couple of poems written by my mother (I've never been the one for poems...I suck at writing them) A particular poem stuck with me, it got me all emotional and happy which led to my asking my mum for her permission to publish this post. Initially, she wouldn't bulge but like the saying goes 'delay isn't denial' lol, she finally came through and agreed. This poem as she said is one of her all time favorite because she wrote it some 32 years ago to my dad shortly after their engagement.

Reading this poem made me happy because she's still as in love as she was with him then. I have watched them through the happy times, sad times, diffcult times, bad or good times and can't help but pray that I find a partner to love, cherist and respect like they both do for each other.


Her Title: A love of a lifetime

I thought ‘I would never find the right person to love

 Until I met you

And since ‘I have always thought that love is the most

Important part of my life

‘I want our love to last and to be as beautiful as it is now

‘I want our love to be the backbone of our lives forever

Our love came naturally but I know that we must both work
at making it last

So I will try my hardest at all times to be fair and honest with you

I will strive for my own goals and help you achieve yours

I will always try to understand you

I will always let you know what ‘I am thinking

I will always try to support you

I will try to successfully blend our lives together with enough freedom to grow as individuals

I will always consider each day with you special

Regardless of what events occur in our lives

I will make sure that our relationship flourishes

As I will always love and respect you

Your better half

And below she wrote

PS :- it’s not easy I know that, we sometimes allow our moods to bring out the worst in us. We can at least try and tolerate ourselves and stop making stupid comments to each other because it won’t help
Besides, walking out on each other won't solve problems either. We can be a little more mature, can’t we? I will try and do my best, hope you do your homework too. I’ve come to realize that there’s no point trying to pretend we don’t care, while we are no good without each other.

  The End


I guess they did good at being together because 32 years later same poem still makes her blush and as Miranda Bailey said in greys anatomy “When you know, you know!.

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