A Special Book Series.

This 15 Book Collection contains much-loved Disney Pixar films captured in beautifully illustrated books. The Collection contains the following titles:

The Lion King



Incredibles 2


Alice In Wonderland

Monsters Inc


Inside Out

The Jungle Book



Cars 3

Beauty and the Beast

Finding Dory

I absolutly loved this collection.

I am a massive Disney Pixar fan so I was so excited to get my hands on this series. Each of the 15 books had to be purchased daily with a copy of the Newspaper, and the series came with a collectors box to put the books in.

Given my love for Disney Pixar I was not surprised by how much I loved this series. It also wasnt surprising that I knew most of the stories in this collection. There were a few titles that weren't familiar to me, but the majority of them were.

I loved getting to revisit some of my favourite Disney Pixar movies in a condensed format. I also loved that the illustrations were scenes taken for the movies that we all know and love.

Now that I have finished reading all 15 books, I plan to go and watch all of the movies. I am excited for the stories that are new to me as I probably wouldn't have watched them if I hadn't read this series.

My Magical Story Collection by Disney Pixar is a must have for all young reads and all readers who are young at heart.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker