For the start, let’s begin with Maybelline – maybe she’s born with it. One by one and The Falsies are my favorite mascaras ever. I tried the yellow one once, but it wasn’t the right for me. Also, lip pencils are the best. The texture is so creamy, just wonderful. You’re lips won’t be dried after removing your makeup, and the best part is that you can outdraw your lips and the pencils are widely than the usual, so you can easily fulfill the rest. I have them in colors 510 Red essential and 110 Pink so chic, but honestly the ‘Pink’ one always looks red on my selfies. So I blame the filters for that.



My biggest discovery, was this Golden Rose mascara. It doesn’t cost more than 2$ and it’s so great, I could not believe it. The brush is amazing, my lashes never looked better. They are longer and more defined. Also, I’m using their eyebrow pencil, it’s quite okay. But, I didn’t use anything else for my brows, so I can’t really compare and tell if it’s the best… It surely does it’s job. And the sharpener is great. I tried using the regular one, for normal pencils, but it wasn’t good, I don’t know why. I ended up buying this one from Golden Rose, and my pencils don’t break anymore. It’s easier to clean because you can open the bottom and the top, so I can put it right after sharpening in my makeup bag and it won’t make a mass. 



Essence Sun Club – bronzing powder

We are definitely in the age of contouring, so this seems like a must have. Even though, as many people in many magazines said, you have to learn the difference between what looks good on photos and how you actually look in the broad daylight. Never the less, this bronzing powder is great for both. You just have to put an amount of powder that suits for your occasion.


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Published by Borka Šaula