Victoria Silk Touch Matte Lip Gloss no 2 & 3: I purchased these matte lip glosses from Jumbo and I reviewed them on my Small Haul, Great Plans article. The shades I got are a nude one and a coral one, while there also was a red one that I didn’t purchase.A bit drying but they stay on for several hours and even when I drank or ate, they didn’t come off. For 1,50€ I would totally recommend them! Also, they are Paraben Free as many of Victoria’s Silk Touch products, which is another plus for these lip glosses.

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid (Possessed Plum): Someone would expect that for 8,41€– a price relatively high for a drugstore product, Maybelline would have come up with the perfect formula! However, the truth is far from that. I don’t know if the formula in all Vivid Matte Liquid lipsticks is the same (I doubt), but in the Possessed Plum that I own the formula is rather disappointing. Although claiming to be matte, it doesn’t dry down to a complete matte texture and it holds some glossiness. Furthermore, I don’t find it to be even or pigmented enough, while the applicator is a bit uncomfortable to use. All in all, despite my love for Maybelline, there are many more affordable matte lipsticks with a better outcome.

Lovie Matte Lipstick 203 & 214: Lovie has done it with these matte lipsticks! 203 is a sweet pinkish nude while 214 is a delicious brown matte. In my opinion, 214 is of better quality as it is pigmented, even and more smooth than 203. However, both colors are very easy to apply and stay long enough.They tend to dry a bit, but same deal as the Victoria Silk Touch ones: moisture your lips before and while you wear them and you will be fine! Besides think that for 3,00€, you get a lipstick with Hyaluronic Acid that tends to make your lips appear bigger, with Argan Oil that helps the lips to maintain their elasticity and also Paraben Free! Not bad,uh?

Victoria Silk Touch Lipstick (in red & purple): These lipsticks (I have them in a bordeaux red and a disco purple) found in Jumbo, aren’t self-described as matte. However, they are not glossy and their shine is minimum, so you could use them as matte, especially with applying some powder on top (check out my Hacks for lipstick that save the day  article, §1). They are very easy in application but they don’t stay as much as the above. They cost I want to say like 1,50€ and they are great even for beginners!

Hope you enjoyed it guys! xx

Published by Christina Lag