My Morning Routine

I wake up at 7:30 (But I sometimes hit the snooze button for an extra 15 minutes), and lay in bed, asking my self, "why do I always sleep so late?"
i have a shower and get dressed. Generally I prepare my breakfast the night before, but sometimes i do it in the morning.

My favorite part in the morning routine is the 'Make-Up' part. I totally love it and never ever get bored of  Make-Up. I have a huge black desk of make-up with a big mirror in front. It is fulfilled with different Make-Up Products I generally like to buy when I travel.

Around 8:30 I get out and arrive to work.

How long have i stuck with this routine so far?

Actually, this is not new for me, i have been waking up early, dressing my uniform and running out since 8 years old in college.

Do you answer e-mail first thing in the morning?

No, I usually check my  e-mail after I go out, in my favorite Cafeteria, while having my morning coffee. 

What are the most important tasks in the morning?

Drinking some juice and taking a moment to feel thankful for another day. I am a person that lose perspective easily and get lost in the unimportant details of my life. 

This moment is amazing in morning.

PS: I don't do this on weekends. :)

Published by Ueda Gruda