Let me tell you about my mother:

My Mother is: Selfless

She wouldn’t think of doing anything for herself before she would do something for someone else. Whether it’s her friends, family, children, or neighbors, she always seems to have enough love to go around. Over the years (when I actually started to pay attention to her and appreciate her more), I’ve noticed my mother do so many kind things for others just because she could. Every year we bake cookies for our neighbor and then go have a nice chat with her. She is always happy to see an acquaintance. She always thinks of sharing her literary finds with her friends when there’s a book she thinks they would like.

For her biological kids, she gives us everything she can: books, clothes, food, even company on what would’ve been a lonely trip to Pittsburgh on a less than cheerful day yesterday. For her students, she gives even more, countless hours of her time both in the classroom and outside to: write lesson and unit plans, grade homework, and create activities that they would enjoy doing while also trying to teach them how to be knowledgeable students and lay the foundation to be good people.


My Mother is: Caring

She is always worrying about me, wondering if I’m happy, if I’m safe. I can’t express how much this outward expression of care means to me. It lets me know that I truly matter to her, even if (that day or that moment) I might not feel like I matter to myself. She is asking how my day is, how my life is, what I’m up to, and always sprinkling the barrage of questions with the most essential: are you doing what you want to do? Are you happy? The last thing she wants to hear is that I’m not taking care of myself and making me miserable.

I guess that’s why she’s the first person I go to whenever I want to talk or share something: she’s always there with a caring ear waiting to listen. And, she doesn’t do this for just me, but for all her friends.


My Mother is: Wise

I would never go to anyone else for advice or counsel. There’s no need for me to try to search out an expensive self-help book that’s going to beat-around-the-bush before they actually start helping you with your problem in the last chapter. My mother gives it to me straight, regardless of whether her advice or opinion is what I want to hear. The fact is, I need to hear it. She’s never been wrong; and, every time I’ve followed her advice, I’ve come out stronger, better, and wiser.

My Mother is: Loving

“The amount that she loved us was beyond her reach. It could not be quantified or contained. Her love was full-throated and all-encompassing and unadorned.” ― Cheryl Strayed

It never ceases to amaze me, when I enter the room, how my mother will look up from whatever she’s doing and just smile at me saying, “Hello Honey.” Every time. And, every night before I go to be she’s always there (sitting or standing) with open arms waiting to offer a hug and French kiss saying, “Goodnight honey, I love you.”

We usually end up saying I love you multiple times throughout the day, and yet even though I know my mother loves me to the ends of the earth; it’s hard to imagine that she has any to spare for others. But, she does. She loves each of her students as if they were her own children. She loves their parents because they brought her students into the world so she could meet them. She loves her friends and the rest of her family too, all seemingly equitable, because they all contribute to and are huge parts of her life.

Plus, her love is unconditional (my light in the darkness).


My Mother is: Beautiful

 “My mother... she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.” ― Jodi Picoult

Though she may not think it, my mother is one of the most gorgeous women I know. Her smile and laugh instantly brighten a room. And, though she may look in the mirror and see wrinkles, I can see the natural beauty that she has always possessed and will never fade: full cheeks, smile lines, slight dimples, hourglass figure, and bright eyes. To me she is a beauty queen and will always be.

My Mother is: Irreplaceable

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. — Cardinal Mermillod

No matter how close I get to people, no one will ever know me like my mother does. No one will ever be able to calm me down after a panic attack like she does. No one will ever cook food or fold laundry with me like she does. No one will ever walk for miles with me like she does. No one will ever love me like she does. I, honestly, would be lost without her; that’s why I’m so unbelievably lucky to call her my mother.

Happy Mother’s Day Momma! I LOVE YOU!



Due to unforeseen technical complications and hectic schedules, I have been sitting on this post the past couple of days. However, even though I realize it's long overdue, it doesn't diminish the fact that my mother is the one person in my life to be celebrated every day among all others. Don't just appreciate your mother on Mother's Day; do it every day. I know I will be trying to today and all the days to come. My mother is the most important person in my life and will always be my best friend.

Published by Anne Long