So, many bloggers post about the five must have items in a persons wardrobe, but many of them have say the same items and aren't individual enough. So I thought I would do MY personal must have items, cause' everyone's supposed to be different right?

Platform Shoes

I am so short it's ridiculous. I genuinely blend in with 11 year olds at school, which shows how much I've grown over the years. But to deal with this issue, and make myself feel better I love to wear platform shoes. I have about three pairs, and each one I wear for different occasions.

1.Casual platform shoes for everyday use.

2. Smart platform shoes for school and work.

3.Heeled platform shoes for dinners and bold looks.

Even if it wasn't for my height, I'm pretty sure I would still wear them, I just love the bold look they give.

Graphic Tees

So obsessed with graphic clothing, but I only have one graphic tee. I just don't like many of the ones that are out there at the moment. I mean I like them, but I'm not IN LOVE with them which is heartbreaking. I think graphic tees are the staple item that can make a boring outfit, your favourite outfit.

Slip dress

I absolutely adore the 90s era for fashion, so the slip dress over a t-shirt is the signature 90s outfit, which I love to wear all the time. But it's also great on its own for a party, so you get double the wear with them.

Black Backpack

I don't even feel like I need to explain this one. It's both practical for days out AND stylish, who would've thought? I have two, a small one, and a medium one that I use for school, and I love them both, I feel like I'll keep them forever.

Some form of dungarees

I have a dungaree dress and dungaree shorts, and I am currently praying that I soon get  dungaree jeans so I have the option to wear them all year round... don't judge me. Again, another 90s staple item but I think I love them regardless of what era they came from.

and.. finally

Black Jeans

it's a necessity, end of conversation.

P.S. There were photos in this post, but they ended up looking horrible, so I’ll probably insert better ones at some point.

hope you enjoyed today's post x


Published by Alex Dawson