Hello my Green Beauties, In this post I want to share with you my favourites products to achieve the perfect base for a natural (sort of no makeup-makeup) yet long lasting makeup.

God knows how much a good layer of foundation and powder can change my face day bringing confidence, cancelling dullness and any trace of fatigue. Though, I'm not a full coverage gal. What I want from my foundation is a natural yet more polished version of myself and, since I have dry skin, I'm not scared to leave some glow and dewiness to the look.

First thing of my makeup routine is a good layer of moisturiser rich in Glycerine that acts like a primer helping my foundation to stay put all day without creasing or drying out my skin. As I've mentioned in one of my previous posts (here) Glycerine is the best natural primer for dry skin because it creates a natural barrier that locks the moisture, avoiding the skin to suck up all the foundation on top.

When my skin is well moisturised it's time for foundation! Personally, I like to go opt for light coverage foundation and add extra coverage where needed with a light touch of concealer or powder. I've tried a lot of foundations but when I want to look natural yet flawless all day long there are a few products that I rely on.


Benecos organic foundation is my everyday's choice, it provides light to medium coverage still maintaining that sort of "my skin but better"  look. When I want to go for a more sophisticated and polished look with extra coverage my choice goes on Bare Minerals Bareskin, which is not exactly a "bare skin" foundation - at least for me- it provides a decent amount of coverage still remaining the most hydrating foundation of my collection thanks to the serum-like texture. Side note: it has a good ingredient list free from mineral oils and other nasty ingredients

And last, but not least, Lilly Lolo's Mineral Foundation (and, in general, all mineral foundation range) is my summer option when my skin is in pretty good condition and needs just a little something to uniform the carnation and control shine. Though, let's not forget that mineral foundations, if layered, are able to give you quite a good coverage!

IMG_20170604_145025Face powders are the key for a long lasting makeup! My  DIY Geisha powder still rocks (recipe here) in my routine and it my daily "go to". For setting my under eye area I opt for a mineral loose powder made by 100% of silica called "Hollywood" by the Italian organic brand Neve Cosmetics. This is a trusty one, I'm on my second pot. recently I add to my collection another face powder from the range of this brand called "Alabaster touch". This is a kind of perfecting powder more than a setting one (so it is supposed to go on top your regular powder), it has a nice radiant finish with a noticeable warm undertone wich is supposed to brighten up carnation. I have to say that on me it has a nice "bonne mine" effect.


My secret for a fresh complexion is a touch of bronzer and blush, for a pale skinned gal like me these two are my life savers. When it comes to makeup I try to stick to organic brands or at least to stay away from parabens and mineral oil, I found that NYX has some hidden gems between their range like this creamy blushes which are my favourite option for natural glowy cheeks. For regular powder blush, I recently came across this Alverde blush trio which is amazing and it has become my daily choice. When it comes to bronzer I rely on an old classic: Too Faced Chocolate bronzer, it smell like chocolate and has a clean &green composition!

What are your green/organic must-haves in makeup?


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