Ok, so how gorgeous is this makeup bag?? I bought it from a small shop near where I live and I had been eyeing up all the beautiful makeup bags/clutches and was so undecided which one to get. Until, I decided upon this beautiful pale blue colour.

I already want another one. Their ‘perfect pouches’ collection is just to die for and is basically what it says on the tin; perfect! I honestly adore this makeup bag and I’ve been using it for my essentials that I have lying around in my bag like a small perfume, lipstick, lady essentials.. and of course a compact mirror, they all fit, and I always get compliments from it when I get it out.

On another note, the packaging is beautiful, to me packaging says a lot about the product and the company, if it’s beautifully wrapped they spend a lot of time and effort putting in small details and this company definitely does. I’m already saving up for my next piece, and even when you have the money it’s so so difficult to decide what to get. I’ve got my eye on a keyring I think…

Anyway here’s the link to the website:


Enjoy shopping around, if you’re looking for a little luxury to add to your boring makeup bag collection or a simple and chic clutch, I most definitely recommend. I’m so so impressed with them!

Thank me later!! 

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Published by Lauren Banks