So this is it. I suppose I call this my 2017 manifesto. It's 11:30 pm and yeah I have 30 minutes to bust out the blog post of a lifetime. The one thing I do like about anything I want without fear of persecution or just people I know seeing it. I think I'm shy in that way - I just don't like being thought about - that's not really the right way to put it but I think it gives the general meaning. This morning when I got back from watching the fireworks I thought to myself: what are my goals for this year and be ambitious about these. So here it is. My goals for 2017. Get 5 prizes this year. Every year we do prizes at school for being good at stuff. Best at a subject, national competitions etc. I got 4 last year - the school record is 5 I think - so 5 is the goal. This sets me up for university and just to show that I am above and beyond the competition. Earn £10,000 this year. I had a long hard think about this one last night and I thought, why not? With my job at carphone I'm already making at least £3000 this year, I have a fledgling business that has the potential to blow up if I play my cards right (and by that I mean put in the work) and who knows where the year will take me, perhaps I start in penny stocks, form an actual business or a new side hustle. Where there's a will there's a way. I'm not saying I grew up poor but we're not wealthy. I suppose what I want to do is get to a point where money isn't really a concern day to day. Chasing money probably isn't the solution for that but it's a starting point I suppose. Figure out what I want to do. At least figure out what I want to do after high school. University seems like a good option, until I realize that I'd be spending £20,000 a year on an education I could get for free and wasting previous years of my life. But the worry then is that I don't work if I don't go to uni and end up as a bum on the street. I'll decide by this time last year - I better or ill turn out like my family friend who literally just sits at home and mopes all day because he doesn't know what to do. Cut out all the bullshit. I don't believe I've ever really met myself. I don't think most people have met themselves. From the day we are born we are conditioned and shaped and become disfiguired unrecognizable to even ourselves. Basically I want to get to a point where I do things that only help me. No more junk food, impulse buys or crying over emotions. Mindless facebook surfing relegated and doing what I know I need to do. If I can get that done by the rope old age of 17 I think I'll be set. Get a girlfriend. This one is iffy but society says it. I've done a lot of stuff learning about socializing and interactions and I work in the service industry. I can chat to almost anyone and yeah. I don't think the goal is even a girlfriend. I think the goal is to be able to have close relationships again with people that aren't my family. I'm not saying that I'm not close to any of my friends, rather that I just don't put any effort into my friendships I think - I detest texting or online interaction and get in weird moods about people. It's weird and needs to stop - so perhaps I'll change it. Be better with your friends. Also a cheeky last one. Get hench af. I'm in okay shape right now but I'd like to be in better shape. I was thinking of numbers last night but how about a 100kg bench. 150kg squat and 130kg deadlift. Should be rather achievable. So there it is, my new years resolutions or just how I want my year to pan out. I'll be looking back at this every Sunday to see how I'm doing - but for now peace out.

Published by Kevin Li