If you have read my bio and my Battle with Depression post, you know that I've been diagnosed with depression and I'm actually on Zoloft. I'm not even gonna lie and act like everything is great now because it's not, I still struggle almost every day but it's definitely gotten better! I know that people don't just choose to be depressed & I know what it's like to really want to be happy again but don't know how to get there and to be just stuck. None of these steps are from a psychologist or anything; it's just things that I've picked up that I think could be helpful and that I use myself as I continue fighting this battle!

Step one: You have to want to change! Honestly, I used to hate when people said depression is a choice but then I thought about it and they're kind of right. I think that it's not a choice to become depressed but it is one to make that big step to fight back and not let it eat you alive! Mentally you have to tell yourself that you're ready to start the journey and trust me it's not gonna be easy. It'll probably be a year or two to get to being yourself again and you have to believe that you're worth the battle!

Step two: Make an inspiration board! An inspiration board is finding pictures that inspire you, make you happy or what you want in the future. You can get the pictures from magazines, the internet or wherever and tape the pictures on paper. You then put it on the wall of a room that you go in a lot like your bedroom or bathroom so you see it every day and know what you want in your future and what you're living for.

Step three: Get up and get out! I know it's easier to lie in bed, be sad and mope around but you have to get out of bed. I know it sucks but put on clothes that make you feel pretty. Do your hair and just do whatever you gotta do to feel like THE best thing on this earth! Yes and this goes for guys too! If it's nice outside then go outside and take a walk and look at the beautiful nature that God created, get some ice cream, take tons of selfies or pictures of whatever you want. Even if it's not nice outside, do something that you enjoy doing inside like painting your nails or something else that you like but still take tons of selfies regardless. I don't care if people think that taking selfies is conceited because I don't even like myself that much, I just find it fun! Now remember that whatever you do, it has to be a positive experience so if you're eating ice cream, don't worry about the calories. Enjoy the wonderful taste or if you take selfies, find at least two that you like! I'm sure that majority of all of them are great but pick out the ones you love!

Step four: Birds are gonna chirp, shut the doors and windows and let them. Now what I mean by that is birds literally are designed to chirp just like ''haters are gonna hate and mean people are gonna be mean''! Not saying that it's right but it is what it is! I think one of the reasons people get depressed is because of what people say and I definitely have issues with that because I always feel a major need to stand up for myself because I'm in a wheelchair and people take advantage of that. I've come to the conclusion that that's just stupid. It's practically like every time a bird chirps, you yell out your door or window at it to shut up which is pointless. They won't shut up because unfortunately,  it's simply what they do! Just imagine the time that it takes to worry about what other people say about you or stand up for yourself all of the time. You could be doing something so much more positive and could be becoming 10 steps ahead of those haters! This is something that I really am trying really hard to work on myself but just remember we don't argue nor listen to birds.


Step five: Make monthly goals for yourself! You're not going to get over your depression in like a day so it's good to make monthly goals for yourself. They don't even have to be big, it can be something as little as getting out of bed every morning, writing 3 positive things about yourself every day or just writing what happened that day, reflect on how it made you feel and why and what you can do if it happens again or to change it. Get your anger or other feelings out on paper instead of taking it out on yourself. That's always a good goal but just reflect on what you know you need to work on and just switch out your goals out every month. I would recommend 3 goals a month so you don't overwhelm yourself.

Step six: Get a hobby! Seriously, find something that you like to do whether you're good at it or not! If you like it, do it! I don't care if other people think it's weird or not; this is about you and what you love! Whether it's dancing, basketball, writing songs or poetry! When I was depressed, I got really into poetry because it helps you get your emotions out without hurting yourself physically or mentally. Even if you have to explore different hobbies, explore!

Step seven: Surround yourself with positive people! I know this is probably hard because you're used to the people already in your life but not everyone is good for you! If they don't support your goals and life dreams then let them go! I know it hurts to have to lose someone that you love but it's for the better, in the end, you'll see!

Step eight: Pray! I don't know who you guys believe in but in my case, I believe in God. Whether you believe in God, Allah, Buddha or a Higher Power, ask them for strength and talk to them! They should help and listen! 

I hope this helps you guys! Comment if I'm actually helping you guys and you think I should continue this blog or any questions or other steps to add!



Published by Jamesha Kirkland