Hello everyone.

I just wanted to apologise for my lack of posting over the past couple of weeks, and give anyone that has been following my articles a quick update on where I am and what I have been doing.

Things have been a bit busy over at my main blog, Muslimah According to Me, where I am trying to get into more frequent posting, as well as working on updating my branding and graphics.

Because I am also currently in North Africa, I am finding that I really just do not have the bandwidth to be posting simultaneously on two different sites, so I will be taking a bit of a break from this platform in order to really focus on my primary blog.

In the future I hope to write more on this site about my personal journey to Islam, as well as continue to share some of the beautiful parts of Islam that I have been sharing over the past month or so, so I hope you will continue to follow me.

In the meantime I would encourage you to go check out my main blog if you appreciate my writing, as I will be much more active over there.

I thank you for reading, and I hope to be back writing here soon!

Published by Ashley Bounoura