So many times when I go throughout my life I am happy and smiling then something happens and instead of shaking it off I take it on. One thing ruins my whole day. I focus too much on the negative of what happens and not on the positive. I focus on the bad what ifs and not the good ones, yes there are good ones. My Christain Worldview professor talked about this one time. He leaned on his desk and said "When God whispers What If, it's amazing" and I started to think, "am I listening to God's What If's or the worlds what if's?" and it turns out that I wasn't focusing on God's What ifs but the worlds. That's why my word for this year is, Focus. 

I need to focus on God.

I need to focus on quiet time with Him.

I need to focus on getting more involved with my new church.

I need to focus on getting healthy and working out. 

I need to focus on my needs and not always on everyone else's. 

I need to focus on my studies. 

I need to focus on the positive.

I need to focus on trusting God.

Along all of those lines, this is why my quote for the year is, 


"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile"

This year I'm going to focus and I'm going to not let this world shake me because God has my back and He isn't going to let me fall. 

Published by Britt Cole