After a break up your heart just goes rogue and it just flutters away in search of a new place of sanctuary. I was lucky to have found one in a not so expected form nor place. It was just in passing but am forever grateful for that very fortunate happenstance. The warm fuzzy feels gave me that right nudge back on the right track and found myself rock solid again, able to stand on my own two feet.

After my ups and downs, I got back to running. Because of  my need to train and get back to shape  for the 6.5 km round the bays run, I discovered this treasure- my o-bay friday views. It was my form of healing theraphy. I'd have dinner with friends and park my car just by the train station. Come 8:30pm, I'd start my run  from thistle hall murphy street to the corner of Oriental bay just before it turns that corner and you completely loose sight of the CBD skyline. What a breathe taking awesome view.  I'd aim to get there by 9:00 just in time for the sunset. My favorite moment is when the skies  would slowly dim down, the clouds would turn pink and the skyline began to turn into silhouette. Then out comes the lights one by one on each cbd building, the same time the pine trees around O bay turned into christmas trees. It was said that it was christmas time all year long in that strip.  Seeing this view was my undoing. I would just sit there and stare for hours and hours if I could. It was magical- it made me so happy. All the magic I witnessed on Fridays. I had that view all to myself until one faithful Wednesday afternoon, I decided to share it with a couple of people.

Okay, a couple of people would've been an understatement. These people right here are my life group pals. I go to church with these lovely bunch and what's amazing about this group of gals and guys is we actually enjoy time talking about God and having fun with each other. Isn't that awesome.

Doing those runs by myself was a form of escape. An alone time to just be by myself and metaphorically run away from my problems.  Running from the train station would somewhat symbolize my life and O- bay was my rest away from problems. This time however, I arrived in O- bay received by lots of smiling faces. This night sort of showed me that I didn't have to go through mourning alone. Sharing my secret place with so many people gave my secret place a whole new meaning. It kind of lifted a bitter sweet sadness I always felt when I'd watch the sun set in O-bay. Now, what I remember was the fun we had lighting sparklers and having a grand time being silly with each other playing ninja and eating yummy bbq pork and crispy pork by the beach.

I'd like to think I'm always a tough cookie and I can take on anything life throws at me. I'd say I am pretty tough but I'd rather keep things air tight and not be vulnerable to be honest because I'd want to think I'm strong and can take on anything by myself. This is so I can be strong for others. But sometimes, somethings just got to give and I do break a little you know. It's just amazing to know that when I reach that point, I have people around me that can give me a pleasant smile, or an encouraging hug, or just their mere uplifting presence. Doing life together is awesome. I'm actually thankful that now, after keeping it all to myself for a while- my secret place is not so secret anymore.

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