Hey guys! 

So today was the big shopping day! Me, my Mum, Dad and oldest Brother went out to the local shopping centre, both Me and my Dad needed to go to the bank to get money out, while my Dad and Mum went into the bank Me and my Brother went to the ATM, it is quicker then the bank to be fair. 

When we all entered the centre we spilt up Mum and Dad went one way while Me and J went the other, we headed to Primark first where I did get some of my stuff, I got a new t-shirt of the Joker and Harley, I also got a black and pink fitted sheets for my bed and a new cushion, before we went to check out I had to check the travel mug section and of course I added a new one to my collection! But who can blame me? It has a smiling cactus on it and it says "Hug me I'm awesome". Images below.


So after Primark, we went round to Poundland this is where I bought some smelling oils with the oil burning candle holder, some candles holders, a cute sign, carzy straws and the large lighter to be able to light them in the holders rather than lighting them and trying to put them in the holders and not getting burnt.

After that we met up with the parents at Iceland then we moved onto Asda where I got the last of my things, Four other candle holders (the black ones) with a hashtag, Letter A, Letter N and a Love Heart, this is where I also bought  Captain America Civil War and my new Skull Duvet cover set. Poundland and Asda's photos below. (Also what the holders look like with candles in them.




And I managed to get all this shopping into these tiny two bags! With the help of my Brother J! 

IMG_9670 2.JPG

So over all it was a great day out with the family! 

Thanks for reading guys! 

Live Long And Prosper _\\//.

Published by Ameliarose Newman