And I have a friend who commented on one of my writings about that one destined for me – the one who without his presence, my life tends to be lonely and empty. It’s a feeling inevitable for one who doesn’t have someone around with. She said, “We love being alone but we don’t fancy being lonely.” But of course, I agree. Who wants to be lonely anyway?

Loneliness is a choice. Alone-ness is a choice. But one needs not necessarily follows the other. Loneliness is a state of mind, I assume, while loving the state of being alone is a different story. And as they say, there is power in solitude. I, for one, feel it. It is the mind that may will a focused and reflective thought over unnecessary ergo complications of being alone.

Need I say what it is? Yes? Pity, that nagging part which centers only on one’s self. Why am I alone? Why no one wants to be with me? And stating all self-fact, I am reasoning that they should choose me. However, this will bring me nothing but bitterness. I won’t live that way. I’d rather be living alone with a sunny day than taking a journey of searching someone who could be with me all the way and with a feeling of incompleteness. I’m not kicking the idea aside and away but for now, let me be.

Gladly, that stated above only happens once in a year (maybe). I choose to embrace the fun of going solo. I focus on strengthening my character through reflections alone. I get more time planning and building what I wanted to have.

My desire of being alone doesn’t shun people away from me. I wouldn’t like to. I consider that I am a social being, as my nature is. It’s just that, as I am currently running my independence, I do things single-handedly.

Guided by the upper hand, I do various activities. Like I am a Jane of all trades, I want to try and experience everything that captures my interest. I do them in bold spirit. I crave for freedom in all sorts and mostly, I believe that everyday is an adventure. I just let my stories roll. LIVE WELL. LAUGH OFTEN. LOVE MUCH.


xx RoMA Pi |

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