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It finally feels like summer is on it’s way. I have been waiting for this my entire life! I can’t wait to get outdoors and play in the sun. And with warmer weather comes a wardrobe change. I have been exploring the left side of my closet where my rompers, bodysuits, and short-sleeved shirts are kept.

Take a look at this cute romper I found. It’s so comfy and mommy tells me I look super cute in it. It’s navy blue with white polka dots. It has short flutter sleeves and pink bows down the front. Best of all, it has a strawberry appliqué on the rump. I would show you, but I’m a lady.

How cute am I in my Strawberry Romper?

How cute am I in my Strawberry Romper?

The smart design has snaps all the way up, so Mommy doesn’t have to squeeze my melon through it. Mommy likes that and it makes me happy too. The appliqué snap-up romper is made by Carter’s and it’s my favourite summer outfit.

Sadly, I went through a growth spurt since this photo was taken, and my favourite romper no longer fits. Mommy has been trying to get me another one in a bigger size, but it seems that Carter’s doesn’t make them any more. Summer just won’t be the same without my strawberry romper.

Published by Peachy Little