“Maybe all the strings inside him broke” ~ Paper Towns , John Green.

This sentence changed my whole system of perspective. All the strings that hold us together ; hope ,trust, love and believe, are the things which make us strong but they’re ​just strings; weak and vulnerable too. But that’s how life is – risky.

But I could never personally relate to this particular string theory. Initially I thought I could break like a glass (which was not entirely untrue because I was nursing a heartbreak then) and was breaking apart too( with two entirely different situations)  ; still I couldn’t pinpoint it.

Last night ; after a slight argument I came to the conclusion that – the strings inside me are messed up, so much that one couldn’t be differentiated from another let alone, to even recognise themselves. They are multi-coloured , in a twisted bunch – spiralling inside my chest.

Sometimes they help me escape .. but sometimes I can’t even breathe.

Originally posted in My String Theory

Published by Priyanjali Chakraborty