Ever since I heard about capsule wardrobes I wanted to do one. There are just two problems: I love clothing and I love shopping. I have the most difficult time paring down to just 33 pieces (or however many) of clothing, and not shopping for three months is just impossible. Largely thanks to Golden Tote... This summer the three of us are going up to Alaska to visit my cousin's family, and we are spending some time on either side of that trip with our parents in Washington. I figured this vacation would be the perfect time to test out a capsule wardrobe.

I wanted to do 10 pieces... but just couldn't do it. The biggest reason is that we are going to Alaska, and even though it's the summer I was advised to dress in layers. So I upped my cap to 15 pieces of clothing including shoes + accessories. I will wear these pieces in different combinations for three weeks, and will post a picture on Instagram every day. At the end of the three weeks I will reflect on the effectiveness of the wardrobe and what, if anything, I would change.


Black Lacy Linen Shirt Tail Tee from Loft

I love this shirt because it's a neutral color, very wearable, and has a little interesting detail.

Navy and White Striped Tee from Elizabeth&Clarke

I love me some stripes. I figured this tee would get a lot of use as a basic, and will work with all of my bottoms, even the patterned skirt.

Elephant Graphic Tee from Loft

This tee is just so cute! I wanted to include a graphic tee and loved the ivory color for this capsule.

Puella Tieback Top from Golden Tote

Looking at my other tops I knew I wanted a little color, so I included this Puella top.

Top Layers:

Chambray Button-up from J. Crew Mercantile

I wear this a lot in my regular wardrobe, so I knew it would get a lot of use in this capsule.

Fate Olive Vest from Evereve Trendsend

I thought this vest would be good for this summer capsule because it adds visual interest without adding a lot of warmth.


Gilli Navy with Ivory Polkadots Fit 'n' Flare Dress from Wantable

This isn't the most versatile dress. I can layer a shirt over the top in order to turn it into a skirt, but because of the graphic pattern the shirt can't be see through at all. I'm anticipating only wearing this dress a couple of times, but I felt like I needed to bring a dress, and this one is really flattering on me. When I was creating this capsule I wished I had a plain navy or gray dress with the same cut, so I'll be in search of that for the future.


Just Black Denim Shorts from Golden Tote

I chose these shorts because they are a neutral denim that will go with any of my tops. They are also comfortable and practical to do light hiking in. I thought about swapping these for jeans, especially because jeans would be warmer, but long pants aren't as easy to move in.

Black scalloped shorts from Loft

I probably don't need two pairs of shorts, but I just had to include these. They are so comfortable and I love how they're neutral but have the interesting scallop detail that makes them memorable.

Gilli patterned skirt from Golden Tote

This is another piece I probably could have left out, but I just got it as a surprise in my tote, and I thought it went surprisingly well with all of my tops. Also the knee length skirt adds some pattern to my otherwise pretty neutral capsule, so it adds some interest to the overall picture.

Navy shirred maxi skirt from Loft

I included this mostly for practical reasons. It's navy so will work with all of my tops, and it's long so it will be warm for up in Alaska. I love how easy maxi skirts are to wear, and while I haven't worn this one much since I bought it, I think it will be used a lot in this capsule.

Puella Oatmeal Lounge Pants from Golden Tote

My one pair of pants, and they're lounge pants. I love how comfortable these are, and despite the fact that my husband thinks these are pajama pants, I think they are very wearable outside the house. These will be great for travel, lounging around, and being active.


Sandals from The Walking Company

These are my go-to comfortable, casual shoes. They are a staple in my regular wardrobe, so they were a no-brainer for this capsule.

TOMS Majorca Wedges from Trunk Club

These shoes will be serving as my "fancy shoes" whenever I'm wearing an outfit that could benefit from a little heel.

Sketchers Sneakers

I normally wouldn't have included these shoes, but I anticipate doing a lot of outdoor activities like hiking in Alaska and I wanted to bring more practical shoes than the other two pairs.


Brown tasseled skinny belt from Golden Tote

White braided skinny belt

Dark brown wide belt

White scarf from Golden Tote

I love this scarf because of the neutral color, and how light it is for the summer.

Floral scarf

I got this scarf as a gift from a former student, and I thought it would be a great addition to this capsule to add some color and pattern.


Kaylee Necklace from Wantable

Ella Necklace from Wantable

Brenda Necklace from Wantable

Fan Girl Necklace from Golden Tote

Natalie Bracelet from Wantable

Beaded bracelet with a wooden clasp

Ada Ring from Wantable

Sisterhood Earrings from Wantable

Ellie Earring Set from Wantable

Faux geode earrings from Francesca's

Yellow beaded earrings from Golden Tote

Gold Maple Leaf Earrings


Steve Maddon Trench Coat from Trunk Club

Forecast says it will be rainy up in Alaska so I wanted to make sure I brought a coat

Red crossbody bag from Stitch Fix

This bag has been awesome because it's large enough to fit some diapers in without looking like I'm carrying a diaper bag. This is going to be my "personal item" on the plane.


So that's everything! What do you think of my capsule? Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to see the outfits I create and how it works out! Also you can check out my blog for similar posts.

Published by Mallory Welch