Everyone is thinking/talking about changing the world, but no one seems to be thinking about changing themselves first. How can you change the world when your views, and attitude towards life and your environment/society remains the same?. You find yourself in a position where you can effect a little change (positive), but you’re doing the same thing the previous person occupying that position did, yet you say, “nothing is changing”, how exactly do you want something to change when your approach is the same?. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.”
We are quick to blame the government and/or other people for the deteriorating state of our societal values/ethics, but WHAT ABOUT US?, why don’t we blame ourselves too?, are we all not responsible for this ‘steady decline in morality’ one way or the other? From you who receives bribes to you who gives it. From you who cheats to pass an examination, to you who cheats in your relationship(s). From you who ‘sleeps’ around for money, to you who pays for sex. From you who want things to come easy without working for it, to you who says, “you’re On You Own” when you see your brother(s) and/or sister(s) suffering even when you are able to lend a helping hand. And WORST OF ALL, you who says, “I MET IT THIS WAY SO I’LL DO THE SAME.”

IT’S A PITY how we do not see how our own negative actions and way(s) of life is affecting the general population, but we only seem to be seeing what the other person is doing wrong.
WE CAN NOT just fold our arms and keep blabbing about how the world isn’t getting better, WE CAN NOT expect the world to change on it’s own, WE CAN NOT expect the government to change us for us (that’s our own responsibility), WE CAN NOT wait for a miracle when we are not creating an atmosphere for it. WE HAVE TO effect Change right from our homes, WE HAVE TO EFFECT CHANGE RIGHT FROM WITHIN US.
WE DO NOT HAVE TO be in a position of authority/power to change the world. ALL WE NEED TO DO is change ourselves (positively) and the world would change thereof, simply because…WE ARE THE WORLD AND THE WORLD IS US!!!. #Change #HealTheWorld #SayNoToTerrorism #OneGodOneLove #IAmNotASaintButIKnowTheWord #JudgeYourself #LiveRight

Published by Al Phacarl