I have negative perspective about nursing home because for me, nursing home is kind of place where children dump their parents even the concept about nursing home isn’t like that. But the reality which I  experiences and have seen, the elders being neglected by their children and it breaks my heart. Even, when the children are rich perhaps they might send the elders to nursing home because that place might better place, but still I feel bad about it. I am not Saint but still human who has feeling. I hardly to tolerate kind of lame excuse and idea sending elders to nursing home rather than taking care the elders by own-self.

So, my reason to bring about this topic because my mom asking me, would I send her to nursing home when she getting older and become dotard in the future. I was shocked and startled with my mom question. How could mom ask me such question? I asked her back.

Later on, my mom told me about one of Senior that she knows for years. that Senior had sent by her children to nursing home because no one among her children who wanted to take care her so they agreed to send her to nursing home. I feel something stuck in my throat after my mom told me about that Senior.

It wasn’t new thing about people who send their parent to nursing home with many kind of reasons. One of the reason, they don’t have time to take care elders because they busy with their business. I have seen there are lot of rich people who send their parent to nursing home because they don’t want to be bother. I know very well how difficult to take care elder because I have experienced before. I saw how my mom and her siblings taking care my late grandmother. To say, it more difficult than taking care babies because you should be very careful and extra patience when talking to the elders especially those who has sensitive feeling and dotard.

Again, there is no guarantee nursing home will be the best place for elders because most of the case, the helper in nursing home likely to abuse the elders because they lacking of patience, at least this happen in here.

Perhaps, until here you might feel I kind one sided when talking about nursing home but yeah, you free to judge me.

My negativity grows about nursing home because I feel bad for those who send their parent to there instead of taking care their parent by themselves. People get their reasons, have their excuses but still I can’t believe children put their own parent in nursing home. things would be different if those elders have no family so that they need place like nursing home to take care of them rather than living in street without care in their “retired days”.

I don’t try to act like Saint but more to share my thought and also little advice from my perspective. I just want to remind, love our parent more when they are still alive, here with us. Even when they grow old and old and become dotard, have take good care of them because when we were kids, naughty, they didn’t put us to orphanage or neglecting us so, when they are old, cannot do anything, please don’t send them to nursing home as place to dump them.

Published by Azurro Cielo