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This is a new feature for me, traditionally my blog is mostly reviews and memes but I’ve been thinking about different things that I can talk about.  My third post in this new feature is My Thoughts On Multiple Book Authors…

Now when I say “multiple book authors” I mean authors who bang out a stream of books in a year. 

My favourite author Nalini Singh, for example, has released four books this year – 1 from each of her series and 1 anthology – and each one (though I’ve only read 3 so far) has been the same standard of greatness her books have always had. You could say I’m totally biased because she’s my favourite but if you’ve read her work you know where I’m coming from.

There’s an author (no names mentioned) who has released or will be releasing five – count them 5! – full length “Standalone series” books in the past five months. 

Having read about 10 of their books previously I can honestly say what the hell? My questions would be something like:

  • Where do you find the time to sit there and write that many books as well as live your non-author life? 
  • Why do you release that many with such short time frames between each release? 
  • Do you have an editor?  
  • Why is each book repetitive? 
  • Why does each installment get progressively worse? 

I know this sounds like I’m proper ragging on the author but I’ve read about 10 of their books and they’re all basically the same with little to no change in plot. I’m not saying that releasing that many books is a bad thing – and for someone who hateswaiting for new books with a passion – would it kill you to give us more time to wait for the next book? 

As a reader I’d rather have 1 great book a year than have 5 or 6 mediocre books in the same time frame. I’m not 100% sure why some authors do this and in fairness if that’s what they want to do by all means proceed, you’re the author I’m just the reader. 

What are your thoughts on authors who release too many books a year? 

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