I've watched it so many times. I actually paused while writing this sentence to watch it. I think it looks great! Apartments have always been one of my favourite things. I pretty much always play in them when I play The Sims 2 or The Sims 3.

I would always build my own and make my apartment the fanciest/biggest. I'd build it so I had enough room for my family, maybe make it two-storey while making the others just one. They were my favourite thing to build. I remember building this adorable semi-detached house in The Sims 2. It had green siding, a little garden out back, a garage! I just thought it was the coolest thing because I had a “proper house” but also a neighbour on the same lot. Awesome, right? I'd see them go to work and come home and I loved it. In The Sims 3, I would always use one of the big skyscraper shells and build my apartments inside. I used to build a communal area that had a gym and a laundry room, maybe an entertainment space if I felt like it. It was so much fun, having this whole building for me to create!

I adore how diverse this EP looks. All the new build and CAS items look stunning, and there's so much of it. I'm sure there's so many more things I haven't realised were there. I feel like the movie hangout stuff pack will go PERFECTLY with this pack, too. All the bright colours, it just makes me so happy! My favourite item(s) in trailer keep changing every time I watch, so just know I'm excited about all the stuff!

The festivals sound really fun too, it reminds me of the seasonal festivals from The Sims 3 which I enjoyed. Honestly, though, these sound better to me. Geekcon? Yes, please! A romance festival? I always need more places and events for my sims to go on dates too. In my mind, there can never be enough options.

Blog Post

Basically, this post is about 9 ways apartments are different to a regular house in The Sims 4, so I think the best way for me to do this part would be to go through each point and tell you what I have to say.

Community Living

This isn't too different from previous games, you'll see them in communal areas and they may pop round to visit/tell you to keep the noise down. While that's pretty standard for apartment living, it's very important otherwise you may as well live on a regular lot.

Thin Walls

This relates to the first point really. Pretty much if you can hear them, they can hear you. Keep it down or risk annoying your neighbours. Again, pretty standard.

Wacky Characters

This I like, it says they were inspired by their favourite TV shows and that these are some of the strangest Sims they've ever made. I'm so keen for some outrageous Sims to come knocking on my door. I think it adds more to the storytelling aspect of the game and I can't wait to see what they're like.

Apartment Quirks

Probably one of the most exciting things I've read so far. Very, very keen for this. One of the guru's said there are around 20+ traits for the apartments. Basically, you pick 3 and I believe some apartments (the cheaper ones) will have ones you can't change such as being cursed or haunted.

Problematic Apartments

This one kind of goes with the previous one. Basically, the cheaper apartments will have problems such as leaky pipes, bad electrics and pests which are not associated with the traits. These are the things you'll be dealing with your landlord about. I think it'll be fun and will definitely give that first apartment vibe. I'm already planning on having a struggling artist start off in one of these.


Pay your rent on time, stay on their good side. Pretty common knowledge. Cool to see a landlord, I just wish you could be the landlord. I think that would be a really nice feature for them to add. I haven't heard or read anything yet but who knows.

City View

From the trailer this looks beautiful, I've always been a sucker for a nice view, and the city does look stunning. It would be super cute to have a romantic meal out on your balcony, looking over the city.

Limited Space

I like this, gives me a bit of a challenge trying to fit everything into this small space. This post says that the low-end apartments really do feel low end, which is exciting. I think like the “problematic apartments” it'll give it the budget vibe while giving you the motivation to get a better apartment.

Close to Everything

Hop in the lift, push down, and there you are. In the middle of the city. Not much else is said at this point but hopefully, we'll get some more info soon. Sounds cool, though, having things actually happening in your little “neighbourhood”, unlike our current ones where on a good day someone BBQ's some hot dogs.

Apartments Trailer

This trailer goes more in depth about how apartments actually work, and they sound amazing. As I mentioned before there are traits for each apartment such as good schools, party place, romantic aura, chef's kitchen, and more. It talks about moving up into bigger and better apartments, which as I've said before will really help with storytelling. We get to see a bit more of the community living, and there's even a new interaction of giving your neighbour a key to your place. We see some more gameplay of the gaming console which I'm excited for. Overall this is a great trailer and it's making me super excited for this pack.


Honestly, I don't really care about penthouses. I think I might be the only person to think that but to me, it just looks like a regular house on top of a building, and while I will admit the idea is semi-cool, it looks kinda weird and out of place. I mean I know you can make it look however you want but you can't say the ones shown so far look like they're meant to be there. Will I play in them? Maybe. I would definitely re-decorate so it looks like it's part of a building rather than a random house has been plopped there if I do.

See what I mean? To me, it just looks like a random house has been placed there.

Apartment Building

So we can't build our own apartments.

I know so many people that were excited about building their own. People, including myself, have already started creating their own. I know we can change the layout of the apartment itself, but it's not the same. I wanted to create my own townhouses, I wanted to recreate my semi-detached house from The Sims 2, and I wanted them to work like apartments. Not only is that limiting things we can create, but if we can't add our own creations to the world won't that mean they'll all look the same? The same building in the same lot for every player? What happened to the customisation? I want my world to look COMPLETELY different to other peoples. I want to see the kind of buildings other people create. For me, The Sims is about creativity and sharing your creations with the community, and I feel like we won't be able to do that with apartments.

I also want to say that I know why we can't build them from scratch regarding the shells. From my understanding the shells are different shapes to what we've had, so having them be placeable by us would be difficult (please correct me if I'm wrong regarding that), but I'm fine with that. I get it. I know they've put a lot of work into this pack and you can tell. All I ask is that we maybe be able to build “mini apartments” on regular lots like in The Sims 2. I'm cool with not having a highrise, I would just like to be able to build some townhouses in Windenburg, or a small apartment in Newcrest.

They've said this world is the biggest so far, so I'm really hoping that it's going to amaze me into forgetting I can't create my own build.

New Careers

The new careers coming in this pack sound really cool! They are politics, critic and social media! I'm very happy with these, they sound like so much fun! I really hope that they're like the jobs from Get To Work so we can go and experience everything. I'm having trouble deciding which one i want to try out first.

New Activites

So keen for them. I feel like we need a lot more gameplay in The Sims 4. Basketball, karaoke, gaming, festivals, street art, busking! I'm very happy with these and I can't wait to play with them!

So overall I'm super excited, there's just that one little hiccup, but even with that in mind I'm really looking forward to this and from what I've seen The Sims team have done a good job.

Published by Zoe Powley