I worked on a Tinkerbell costume for at least 3 months. It tied up my free time. To the point, I put my working out on hold (I need to get back into it). I made this costume for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party down in Walt Disney World. Which is definitely worth all the amount of money you have!!

This is one thing that Tinkerbell is known for!! We all know how she has green shoes with little white pom-poms on the toe of her shoes. You cannot do a Tinkerbell costume without the shoes! The costume is just not complete if you skip that little detail!

Disclamer: This is not a tutorial for the shoes.

So what I did was I bought a cheap pair of shoes on Amazon, Mod Podge, and green glitter. I Mod Podged the shoes and then covered it in green glitter. I did two coats of the glitter because the shoes were tan and I didn't think it would look good if I left a gap and you could see the tan shoe showing through. I then took another layer of mod podge to seal the glitter so I didn't lose any of the glitter throughout the night. I took green ribbon and laced the shoes with that. i feel like that gives it an extra detail that will make the costume very cute!!

I then too some fuzzy yarn and made little pom-poms for the shoes. I tied them around the first little loop of the shoe and cut off the excess string. However I also super glued them to the shoe to make sure it didn't go anywhere else.

I think they turned out rather cute!! To be honest, I would wear these everyday!! They did hurt my feet though. Not as bad as some other shoes I have, but enough to give me blisters.

Follow your dreams and never give up!!


Alicia Dawn

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