September 16th I went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom. And since it's a Halloween party, adults can dress up!! It was definitely a blast!!

And Since adults could dress up, I decided I would go as Tinkerbell, because... Why not?

Let me just tell you... This costume was difficult from beginning to end. There wasn't any "easy" way of going about this concept...

Disclaimer: This is not a tutorial on how to make the wings.
It's really just gonna be me ranting about how difficult it was to make these darn wings!


The wings are made out of vinyl, fiber optics, cellophane, 12 gauge wire, and Disney's Made with Magic hat. You are probably like "Why do you need all these things to make wings?? especially a hat???" Well.. I'm glad you asked. I am made Glow with the Show Wings. It seems kinda complicated, and it definitely was! You have to do is deconstruct the hat and then glue your fiber optics to the Made with Magic motherboard where the LEDs are. But before you do that you have to glue your fiber optics on the vinyl. And then you have to find a secure way of putting it on your body...

I wish I could say that getting all the things together was the easiest part. But remember when I said that this project was difficult from beginning to end?? I literally mean from beginning to end... I went by what another person used when they made the glow with the show wings (linked here). I ordered the vinyl, fiber optics, wire, reusable moldable plastic, two types of glue, and what was supposed to be glitter cellophane all the same day. However, when I received everything I ran into a problem.. well... a couple of problems... the vinyl was perfect, I only got 3 feet of the fiber optics, the cellophane was just clear cellophane. So I had to call 4 craft stores and the only store that had it was 40 miles away from where I lived, I didn't need the moldable plastic, the one type of glue I bought I couldn't use because it didn't dry clear, and the wire I got wasn't strong enough to do its job (I even braided strains of metal wire together and it still didn't hold). So I had to do find out how to even get the wings to stand up...So my mom came up with the idea of a thicker wire.And then we just wrapped green ribbon around my body and the wings to make them stay all night..

After all this work, the wings still broke...

I was still a cute Tinkerbell, though...


Follow your dreams and never give up!


Alicia Dawn

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