They say you should never talk publicly about your love life, income, and next move! I agree. It's because you would never want to jeopardize these, would you? However, it's not that easy to keep your mouth shut sometimes... I am new to "My Trending Stories" and my plan is to share my personal stories with you in pretty much all subjects - but these (but who knows what the future brings...I'll go with the flow). How does it sound to you? 

So, let me introduce myself and reveal why someone would have brackets in their name. I'm a bilingual Virtual Assitant, English coach and Hungarian translator / interpreter based in the UK. Recently, I decided on shifting my career online to become location independent...and moved to the seaside - that I'm adoring. I also started a new business: "Mesfy" (the abbreviation that stands for My Extensive Services For You). I was thrilled when I got an email to ask me to join this team - based on my blog on WordPress. It's a great feeling when you get (positive) feedback - so, please talk to me, feel free to comment (even contact me via my page if you like).

Probably the first thing you will discover about me is that I am very social: a passionate extrovert! I thrive on new challenges and seek adventures.  I studied English literature and grammar & Philosophy at uni - back in Hungary - and I have always enjoyed writing (and reading, too). A pen used to be mightier than a sword but now, the keyboard may be capable of doing even bigger tricks...

As much as I like making friends and connecting with people, I also value my privacy - hence I decided on using the name "Kati(e) - Mesfy". Those of you who like Sacha Baron Cohen's type of humour and have seen "The Dictator", may recall the part when he is at the restaurant and is trying to make names up - you will definitely get this: yes, this is a "made up name"! I blame this on my OCD...The Hungarian way of spelling Kati is without an "e" at the end - I don't even understand what the point is in sticking a silent "e" to the back of it in English - but I am meticulous and want to be 100% precise! I also feel, by emphasising that that "e" shouldn't be there, I've managed to make my name "bilingual" by spelling it English and Hungarian at the same time - thank God for punctuation marks!

...and I believe, it's way better than "Employeeees Mushwashhands" or "Ladies Washroom"... That's all about me in a nutshell. Finally, please, find a link at the very end & watch the "Made up names" scene of "The Dictator" - whether you have seen it before or not (just to make sure my humour is compatible to yours)

Bye for now & speak to you soon.

Lots of love,

Kati(e) - Mesfy


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