Mirrror Mirror on the wall who's the fairest one of all? 

One of my favorite movies from my childhood was a 1955 German film version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I'm currently and frantically searching for it on Youtube with no luck, the Radio City Music Hall Version will have to do for tonight.  Some of the costumes were pretty awful, (the bear in the forest scene that you KNEW was a costume because you could see where the head portion of the costume was detached), the songs were catchy.......annoyingly catchy, and for the English version they had to be dubbed because all the actors and actresses spoke German. 

So why would I be so captivated by a movie that is on the 100 worst movies ever made list? 

Well, I completely disagree with this movie being on such a list. Not all the costumes were bad, I actually really wanted the Evil Queen's costumes (I still do actually, now that I think about it), not all the songs were bad, catchy yes, but not bad, and whoever found the actors and actresses to dub the movie in English found some pretty good ones (the voice dub of the Evil Queen still haunts me to this very day)

The most captivating part of the whole movie in my then 7 year old opinion, and even in my now 31 year old opinion, was how unbelievably beautiful that castle was. Much of the 1st part of the movie was shot either outside the castle or what i hope was inside the castle and not just a set design.....it was sure beautiful. 

Neuschwanstein Castle has a pretty interesting story if you have the time and the interest in researching about this iconic castle. It was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria and the construction began in 1869. The castle opened to the public after his death in 1886. It's been said that the cost of building the castle was 6.2 million Marks.  I'm not really sure what that would amount to in today's US dollars, but I have a pretty good idea......I will never be able to afford it. 

If you have seen a castle somewhere in the US that looks similar to this but you can't seem to figure out where you have seen it, maybe I can help you out. This castle was Walt Disney's inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland.....pretty cool huh? 

Wanna know the most amazing thing about this castle? It doesn't even come CLOSE to what heaven will be like. 

What is in your travel bucket list if ability and money were no object?

Don't forget that He loves you and so do I,

Shelley Olsen 


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