So today starts the first day of 2 weeks that I will be trialling a Vegan Diet. To be honest with you, I am only doing 2 weeks because I’m concerned I won’t be able to do any longer. I am a huge meat eater. I’m not overweight however I am on the heavier end of the healthy BMI range, which certainly does make me uncomfortable at times. I also have very good health as I regularly exercise and get my bloods checked for cholesterol and such. I also relate my exceptional health to my walk with God as I’m a Christian and know the Covenant God made with me keeps me healed.

To sum it up, the reason I have decided to launch out into this (2 week. lol) adventure is because yesterday I ate way too much Chevup (European sausage). I laid awake last night wondering why on earth I would eat so much and how the garlic from the sausage keep riding back up. Sorry for the graphic picture but it made for an uncomfortable night.

As I was laying there with Chevup riding up and down my oesophagus I made a decision to quit meat. I woke up and started googling and discovered a really cool couple that promote this type of living.

He was saying if I eat a lot of water based fruits and Veg I should be able to kick the kilo’s and get even healthier without counting any calories. Considering my cholesterol, blood sugar levels and vitamins are all up to scratch there’s no point overly documenting that. I will most likely have to document my craving for sugar and meat. I feel this will be challenging, especially as I have a spit roast to attend at my European family’s home. Have you seen “My Big fat Greek Wedding”? Well there’s a picture for you. Ha-ha

My families not Greek, we are Hungarian which no jokes means we are a Hungry people. I’m a 35 year old woman who is married with 4 kids, however that will not stop my dad from telling me off for not eating all the meat I KNOW will be there. Please be praying for me. Lol

It’s currently morning and to be honest I’m doing not too bad. If only it wasn’t still before breakfast time.  

So Monday, Day 1….. I’ll be eating No meat, No Dairy, No Eggs (insert crying emoji here) and No processed sugar or foods at all.

Keep posted for Part 2.  Don’t forget to pray. Lol

Bless you guys

Love Carol Eddington.xx

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