Day 2 of eating Vegan. Considering this was rather a quick decision to make, I have had to very quickly try to catch up with what it really means to eat Vegan. I have decided to do this for 2 weeks, however most of what I have read is that I should at least do a month to actually see results from this type of living.

I have yet decided whether I can do that long yet. Yesterday was great and I feel great waking this morning. I already feel my stomach isn’t bloated and it seems flatter. Certainly flatter then after waking yesterday morning having eaten all that Chevup the night before. Lol

I went to the shop yesterday to pick up a good supply of fruit and veg to make sure I have plenty to eat, and it began to dawn on me just how many meat products I buy.

I almost went to grab meat a couple of times before realising, “hang on, that’s meat”. It was rather comical really. Because I’m doing healthy Vegan which means no potato chips, snack foods etc, it made it rather difficult as I am totally into tasty food.

For dinner I had a cauliflower pancake which I baked not fried because if I’m doing this, I want to lose weight at the same time. I also baked a yummy Hawaiian sweet potato which was incredibly sweet. The only condiment type thing I had was some homemade pickled onion. I’m also trying to cut out all refined sugars so I needed to make it myself.

I did realise yesterday that I can eat sauerkraut, so I’m happy. Lol. I will be finding the time to go get me some today.

Besides all that, I’m good. I’m enjoying knowing that I’m doing something good for my body. It doesn’t seem like this type of eating would mess with my life too much except maybe at family dinners and perhaps eating out. All of which I haven’t had to face yet. As I said in part one, towards the end of this 2 weeks I have a family spit roast to attend. I’m sure the fam will be mortified that I’m not eating meat.

My other challenge is our prayer meeting is tonight and people bring cake. Probably doesn’t sound like too much of a problem but one lady in particular makes extraordinary cakes which I loooooooovvvvveeeee. But I will be strong. I have been given a Spirit of self- control, I will choose to believe that all day so I’m stronger by cake time. Lol.

So this is my journey, I’ll be trying to make it as real as possible. If a Hungarian, over eating, meat eater can do this than anyone can. Soy milk in my coffee can be a challenge, not for taste purposes but because when you go to other people’s houses they don’t really stock soy milk. I’m a Pastor which means I’m often visiting people. I suppose I’ll wait for some wisdom on getting around that.

Bless you guys, thanks for following my journey...


Carol Eddington. xx

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