Day 3. Ok so today is a little bit harder. Not really because of the meat and meat products but mostly because of the no sugar aspect. I AM CRAVING. I have decided for lunch I am going to make myself a whole wheat pancake and bake a banana and an apple to sweeten it up. I’m hoping that’ll help. I’m really trying not to eat too much heavy calorie dense foods so I can lose weight.

I do feel much lighter and once again I woke to a flat tummy, well as flat as a chubby tummy can be. Lol

I am enjoying feeling great, although I’m going to the dentist today for a tooth ache which I talk about in another article. Besides that my body feels lighter and I emotionally feel good because I know my bodies detoxing.

I will be hopefully looking up more recipes and learning more about vegan life today. I want to spend as much time as possible learning about all this as I think it will encourage me to keep going. Really not sure what to do for dinner but I am getting bored with the blander foods. I’m not much of a cook so I’ll hopefully find some 5 minute wonders. Lol

The prayer meeting I was telling you about yesterday went well. Flo (the best cook in the universe) did bring scones with jam and cream, but I didn’t eat any. I wasn’t too tempted because my tooth was hurting I think. Either way, I’m glad I made it. She actually left them here so my kids can have them today as they were in bed last night. I could possibly make my own wholemeal version with almond milk but I think I’ll stick with the pancake.

I think that’s all for today. Not sure I will update every day because there’s not too much to document. Maybe I’ll fill you in, in a couple of days.

Bless you guys...

Love Carol.xx

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