Day 8. Seriously this diet has been discouraging. I have mostly managed to eat freely without putting on weight up to this ppoint in my life, although as I said I’ve sat on the higher end of the BMI healthy weight range. Doing this Vegan eating for a week I have managed to PUT ON weight. Calculating my calories I have roughly been eating 800-1100 calories a day. How could this happen? Some people are telling me about the dangers of soy and that if you have a soy allergy you can put weight on.

I am having to think along those lines only because that is the only thing I have changed in my diet (besides removing meat and meat products). Otherwise putting on weight seems almost impossible eating such little calories.

So I am coming to the conclusion that I need to remove the soy products and see what happens. I’m not sure how much weight I’ve put on but even my legs no longer fit in my skinny jeans I was wearing just last week. I couldn’t possibly put this down to bloating. I have had an intense amount of bloating increasing the fibre levels in my diet, but I don’t think that’s why I’ve chucked on the KG’s.

I do know I will be taking a lot out of this trial. Studying this lifestyle more I have come to realise that it’s probably more a plant based diet I’m on rather than Vegan, as Vegan is more likened to people that actively don’t like the killing of animals. I partially agree with them in that many animals we kill and are wasted. We waste more food then we eat. I do not disagree with eating meat however, I do think I will be more mindful of not wasting meat as there is a life being taken to give me that meat.

I think if we all as individuals were more aware of the waste we have and try to be more focused on purchasing only what we need to minimize our meat wastage, I think that would help.

I do like being able to eat a very large amount of food with very little calorie intake, even though at this point it has not helped me. I now that I will be eating much more greenery and fibrous foods. I also managed to get some very yummy food ideas to feed the family.

Eating plant based is also a lot cheaper. For our family of 6 we can spend $15 a meal just on the meat element of a dish, whereas eating plant based I can cook the whole meal for that money. Soups, salad, beans etc are all very cheap to cook with.

So my plan is to remove the soy products and hopefully shed this weight I’ve put on. At this stage I would still recommend people try this out. It causes you think about how you can eat healthier and makes you think twice before putting something in your mouth. I believe that can never hurt as I am sure you will be surprised at just how much mindless eating can go on. Lol

I’ll update a bit further along on my thoughts. If these jeans get tighter I’ll be ditching this. Lol

Be blessed

Carol Eddington. xx  

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