It happened a month ago but I still want to repost to recall my first Malaysia. 

I did not know I like this land that much until I reached it. I heard about this country from my friends, from Internet many times. Finally I realize Internet does not work on me, I only know about the travel tips, the landscapes but it is never for the stories. So, I will never know I love a country until I am there, now it is easier for me to choose a city to travel. 

Friends and locals there make my story. I met them, they said hello, I said hello, we had some intersting conversations, I told them my story, they told me theirs, they showed me how to speak their language, I showed them some Vietnamese words,  they told me facts about their country, I told them about Vietnam culture, I heard some weird religious stories.... Finally it came to a goodbye smile with "See you anywhere in the world". 

One friend of my from Spain did not speak English with fluency, he used his body to tell a story until I got it. My host's roommate also acted a lot when she wanted to talk about her hometown life, her office life with Muslim colleagues until I said "Really? It's impossible". It is not about language barriers anymore, people understand each other anyway. The locals were all nice, they helped me with my getting lost, they were ready to take me to town on their truck with a smile. It was not like any place for traveling I had been through. 

13 photos below tell my story in Malaysia. For me, it is more than a story.

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