There is an old Irish hymn originally penned by Dallan Forgaill in the 8th century titled ‘Be Thou My Vision’.  The basic theme of the the song is easy to follow.  He wants God to be His eyes.  He wants to see what God wants him to see.  He also describes God as being the eyes of his heart, so he can feel what God wants him to feel.

    His thoughts go past God just being his vision.  He also talks of God being his wisdom, his Father, his battle shield, his dignity and his shelter.  What he really wants is for God not only to be an integral part in every facet of his live, but for God to his everything in all circumstances and be in complete control.

    The last lines sums it up, “heart of my own heart whatever befall, Still be my Vision, O Ruler of all”.  No matter what happens, how we feel, what we see ahead of us, we need to understand that we need Him to be our Vision, and acknowledge that no matter what, He is Ruler of all.

Published by Ray Richards