Dear Beloved,

Since I gave my life to Jesus Christ in December 2015, I have discovered my passion for writing and helping others to see the Light.

I must admit that back in the day I never believed in the power of Jesus much. I always thought I could accomplish everything through my own strength. Since I got saved, I have been through darkness, depression, and loneliness, and have still come to the conclusion that there is no substitute for having Christ in your life.

I would like to share some things I have learned during my walk with Christ. I hope and pray that those of us feeling stuck in these difficult times will understand.


  • Do not let your situation mislead your faith. Going through times of misery and pain does not mean that you are an unbeliever or lack faith. It does not mean that you are unworthy or have done something to offend God. People around you will say a lot of nasty things but never forget that you are still a believer and a child of God no matter what happens to you. ​


  • Satan wants us to curse and speak against God during our times of tribulation and pain. That is why the devil takes great delight in inflicting pain on people.  The devil wants you to get angry at God, question Him, or see God in a bad light. Always honour God, praise Him, and worship him, both in good AND dark times.


  • Never base your faith on your improvement after prayer. If your prayers have not been answered yet, it does not mean that God is angry with you or displeased with you. Jesus loves you. God’s time is always best. It may sound silly, but God sometimes delays the breakthrough because He wants to preserve us in some way. Who knows where I would have been if all my prayers had been answered exactly when I wanted. We should keep praying faithfully and let His will be done in our lives.


  • The purpose of life is to praise and glorify the name of God. If we bless the name of God during our time of trouble and pain, we prove our sonship to Him. Praise His mighty and holy name regardless of what you are going through.


God is still the same and He never changes. If there is one prayer that I could pray for us all, it would be that our faith in Jesus Christ and what He did for us on the cross may never fail.

God bless you all!


Published by Kevin Omz