Finally we gotten our wedding day photos from The Louvre Bridal last month and now here's the long awaited post! Pretty much thankful to everyone who share our joy and helping out on our wedding day.  Thanks to friends who sent us the photos they shot for us too!

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Part 1: Bride Fetching + Tea Ceremony

We disliked waking up early in the morning so we choose to plan to start our day late around 9AM. But due to unforseen circumstances, my bridal studio informed me that my MUA, Jasmine (Autelier Makeup), had another appointment after me around 7AM. We have to start at 6:00AM instead, so I ended up waking up really early anyway and fully lack of sleep since I slept like 1 AM! I have just 3 hours of sleep but I guess the excitement perked me up into full awake mode. We did hair combing ritual before my MUA arrived.

The hair combing ritual signals the bride and groom’s transitions from girl and boy to woman and man, and is a tradition practiced in every Chinese wedding. Before it begins, the bride and groom are required to wash themselves with water infused with pomelo leaves, which is believe to ward off evil. Then, they are to dress in a brand new set of pyjamas and underwear, and be seated in front of a pair of dragon and phoenix candles. In addition, the bride also has to slip on new bedroom slippers for the ritual.    The person who is in charge of combing the hair of the groom and bride is usually a female who is recognised for her prosperous life (e.g. having a great fortune and a full family). She will then comb the hair of the bride and groom four times, which each stroke representing a certain

  Jasmine was pretty good natured and even got fresh flowers for me the day before for my hair when I told her I didn't have the time to get some.  And I love my braided hair, she did exactly how I wanted it to be! My wedding PG, Lawerence, came after she left shortly and he got started to work immediately after introducing himself. Fast and efficient which I like, and he even got one of my bridesmaids to pose as makeup artist which we both find it hilarious.  The lighthearted moments where my mother and my girls help me with my wedding gown, laughters erupted during the process of the confusing wedding dress tying... so many pairs of hands trying to figure out how to get the tying done and fast! Thanks so much to my mother and my girls!    




Loving this shot which shows my bridal nail art of white and gold + my pretty wedding band and proposal ring from Jannpaul. This got featured online on Asia Wedding Network.


Groom's car horned so many times to annouce his arrival. My husband was so embarrassed by our driver's enthusiasm in horning continuously all the way into the carpark below my block that it was so funny hearing him describing that to me.  My brother stood by with 2 oranges to open the car door for him and got a 开车门 red packet in return for his effort.

My lovely bridesmaids all set to give the boys a mini gatecrash! It was a pretty simple and short gatecrash as I did not want my husband to get all sweaty and we did not want to waste much time too. So all he did was to fill in the quiz and the brothers had to get the post-it notes off their clothes by dancing around and arranging the post-it notes to form a sentence (using the words that was written on the post-it notes). They drank the herbal bitter tea which was supposingly to be very bitter but it soothed their throats instead.  Not exactly a tough gate crash right?




Explaination of the Wedding Chinese Customs:
  • Bride's father had to escort the bride and shields her using the red umbrella to the car. This is to symbolize a good shelter for the rest of her life.
  • In the bridal car, the bride has to throw a foldable fan out of the bridal car’s window which symbolised that all negative part of her past will be left behind and moving on with a fresh start. The fan was then picked up by her mother after that.


Chinese Tea Ceremony

For chinese, the tea ceremony is the most significant event for wedding. The bride and groom will give tea to both sides of families as formal introduction and showing respect to their families. After drinking the tea, the tea ceremony gifts for the bride and groom will be presented on serving plate in the form of red packets or jewellery. The couple should wear the jewellery immediately as a sign of appreciation.  

The husband helping to remove the veil so that I can change into my KUA before setting off for my grandmother's house for the second tea ceremony.


We were greeted by a surprise explosion of ribbons from my family members!

Happy us after the tea ceremonies. We are now formally introduced as husband and wife!

Done for the day event and went back to our hotel to rest! The brothers and some of my girls went back with us and rest in our room while the rest went back home to get prepared for the evening.


Part 2: The Wedding Banquet

I only have like 1 hour to bathe and rest before Jasmine came for my evening makeup. The husband lie on our bed infront of us and smirked.  Sometimes, he can be just annoying! Thankfully, I was on eye mask and Jasmine worked on my hair first while I took a quick doze.  The husband and the brothers started changing and getting things prepared for the reception table setup. The funny moment was when I could not decide which bridal hair accessory to wear so I ask Lawerence, Jasmine and the husband to choose one of the two choices: head band or tiara. It was two out of three votes for the head band and my husband was the odd one out. I went ahead with the head band and ignored his choice and got him irritated. That's revenge for smirking at me just now! Well, just kidding, personally, I also think the head band looks nicer too.


We headed down to the reception area and everything was set up so nicely by the bridal party and family! Many thanks to you guys who helped out so much. The brothers even managed to understand and followed my rough layout for the album table which I drew out the night before and whatsapped them.  And I did not tell them to do the BRIDE and GROOM placecards but they did it beautifully!

The DIY wedding table decors are mostly from IKEA Singapore.  We decided to diy our own rather than spending the money to hire a wedding decorator. So we use IKEA vase and bought cheap faked wired branches to make our own tree centrepiece after I found out that the tree centrepiece selling outside for $100! *Gasp* The husband and I got ribena glass bottles and filled them with little stones to use as little vases for the bridesmaids' baby breath bouquets so they made a very nice display.

We also borrowed a bird cage from a friend, and decorated it with fake fabric flowers and gold beads which really matched with our venue's decorations. Adding on little tea lights from IKEA also helped to create a romantic feeling for our album table decorations. We were very pleased with the after results! I also put my photoshop skills to use and designed this reception poster, rather than hiring someone to do for us. And both of us like it so there you go!


The nervewrecking moment started with all eyes on us!  Thanks to my sister-and-brother-in-law for helping out to host our wedding! Before first march in, my cute little cousins who bravely volunteered to be our flower girl and page boy, they did a great start to our wedding banquet.

The flow of program:
  • Introduction by Emcees and playing the childhood montage
  • First March In ( Song: Westlife - Beautiful in White)
  • Cake Cutting and Start of Dinner
  • Second March In (Song: Yoon Mi Rae - ALWAYS)
  • Champagne popping and toasting + Thank You Speech
  • Photo Taking


This awesome cake was baked by my friend from Dessertini, exactly how I wanted it to be. As my wedding was in fairytale theme, she made it!  She is freelancing as a baker as she has her own full time job so it was pretty amazing for her to be able to find the time to come up with such design with elegant lace detailing.  Watch out for her guest post on my blog soon which will describe how she did this cake! 

We played our DIY korea pre-wedding video before our second march in. Second March-In in our second outfits, and this gown is my favorite piece! Korean designer gown from The Louvre Bridal with lovely hint of ombre blue and bead detailings. I fell in love with this dress when I attended their wedding show which featured this gown and told Yee Lou (The Louvre Bridal) excitedly that I need to get this.  And everyone that evening also agreed that the dress is pretty too!


The funny moment when you realise someone gate crashed into your wedding. Kids and adults alike got pretty hyped up when those childhood heros went around giving out sweets. I got to shake hands with Green Power Ranger. Thanks for coming and making the whole atmosphere lively. 

And yes! Finally, the whole wedding event was done just like that after more than a year of planning! We did a few more family & friends shots before calling it a day. Phew! You can view my

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