Laying here in bed looking over my pictures and just being in awe and shockdum over my weight loss. I am just feeling and admiring myself and it is truly surprising how losing weight can make you feel so good about yourself. It is so amazing at how it takes time for you, yourself to notice that you are truly losing weight. I put on most of my weight when I had my eye surgery back in 2012 and I have been working on losing weight since then. I would lose and then gain, lose then gain and I started to notice something about myself... It's something my sister had pointed out to me a while ago. She been to notice that every time I got into a relationship I tend to put on weight. Every time I got serious with a guy and the guy will tend to move in sort of I will slowly put on more weight because for some reason I tend to attract men who know how to cook and I love to eat and with me being on steroids that was not a good thing. So with my recent relationship I started to notice the same thing and it got to a point where I started to notice other things and I started to feel like my weight-loss Journey was being sabotaged because when he would ask me you want some from the store I would say no he will come back and something anyway and me I am a out of sight out of mind kind of person if I don't see it I won't crave it I want to eat it but if it's in my house I'm going to want to eat it and there's no one around to tell me no. Once I moved into another apartment my boyfriend at the time could not be with me everyday as he was able to in the last apartment the rules were more strict and I don't have a problem with that and I started to notice that I don't cook as much as he was he was like cooking everyday smothered steaks red beans and rice cabbage okra whatever I ask for it was being cooked. I had no control and I had no help he was basically there just to say yes to me. Knowing that I had heart trouble and I was supposed to be trying to lose weight he enabled me to eat whatever I wanted to eat vs helping me by telling me no. So once I moved a lot of that changed and I had to sit down and tell him that there would be no more cooking all the time. I don't want him cooking for me like he used too. I am determined to lose the weight that I need to lose and either you're on board with me or you're not he agreed but he continued to to eat whatever he wanted to eat. So I told him that's fine you do you and I'll do me but do not come here to my home with fast food or take out food because that's disrespectful to me and my journey and when you're in my home you'll eat whatever I eat and if you can't then you can leave. I've been living in my new apartment for almost a year. I moved in May of 2017 and from the time I moved here until now I changed my diet. I started drinking my apple cider vinegar and water. I walked a mile when and to from my treadmill to outdoors with my dog. I did whatever I was able to do to help me like weight. Having asthma, right sided heart failure, myasthenia gravis, and a damaged sciatic nerve on the right hip, and also osteochondritis in my right knee it was hard so do squats walk or even workout but I did what I could when I could I'm still doing when I can when I can cuz I still have weight to lose and I still have things to tone up but I didn't give up. I noticed by me stopping my boyfriend now my ex from cooking the way he was cooking and buying me snacks when I said I didn't want it and pushing away from stuff I knew I didn't need the weight just started to fall off. I started to feel different it was like as if I just woke up one morning and I was 60 pounds lighter that's just how it happened because I never really, like I don't remember losing the weight. I just remember waking up going to the doctor and them telling me Ms Davis you weigh 213lbs. I was shocked and very excited and from that time back in January 2018 I just continue to do what I was doing drinking ACV and water and walking. I joined the gym I showed up once and haven't been back. I'm not taking any diet pills no supplements no diet pills of any kind. Upon my doctor telling me that I had right side heart failure I was put on a medication called Lasix. Lasix is a diuretic it helps to release fluid out of your body and because of my 2012 orbital decompression surgery to the right eye and having to take 50 mg of Prednisone for 2 weeks due to swelling and infection this is when I started to gain all of the weight. Because of this weight gain it caused me to have so much fluid and fat around my heart causing my heart to pump harder than it should making it harder for me to breathe I had to consistently take deep breaths even when I was just sitting still watching TV. I used to take long walks all the time but because of the weight gain and the fluid around my heart I was no longer able to do that. My doctor put me on 5 mg of Lasix and told me to take them as I felt necessary but to make sure I drink a lot of water with this medication because it can dehydrate your body and cause more problems. I don't take them everyday but I do take them sometimes I may take two at a time and then skip two or three days and then take one I had to figure out my method of taking this medication for my body because upon taking them one pill daily I didn't feel a difference I didn't use the bathroom more so I took two a day and I drunk my normal four bottles of water and a bottle of apple cider vinegar water that's when I started to go and before I knew it I was 209 pounds 58 pounds lighter than when I was several months ago. Of course I change my diet I ate completely different I don't do fast food no Burger King McDonald's none of that. Every now and then I may eat Cane's because it's just chicken and I made eat Domino's sandwiches but that's about it. I try my best to stay away from those types of foods I eat veggies fish salmon shrimp and chicken breast. There are times when I make smother beef meat or stew meat and make a stir-fry with vegetables or I will cook the meat with a gravy and make a wrap. My only problem still is I don't eat breakfast all the time because of me having insomnia I'm sleeping when breakfast time is around or just going to bed so it's not often that I will eat breakfast but I do my best to make up for my meals throughout the day and I eat as healthy as I can or as healthy as I can afford to because I am a disabled woman and I do live on a monthly fixed income I don't get any well little to no public assistance so my groceries are left up to me adding cash so I buy and I do what I can the best way I can and it works at least it's working so far. I've seen a lot of individuals especially women in the myasthenia gravis groups and in the graves disease groups thyroid disease groups and they're always saying that it's so hard to lose weight with these illnesses but I'm here to tell you ladies and some gentlemen that it's not hard at all to lose weight when you have these illnesses because what a lot of you don't understand is "some" of you don't have fat weight a lot of you have "fluid weight" so you're working out trying to lose the wrong kind of weight you have to concentrate on what you put in your mouth and talk to your doctor and see if he can check your fluid level in your body because 9 out of 10 times if you're taking Prednisone or any kind of steroids for any reason the majority of your weight can be fluid and if you simply try apple cider vinegar and water or even lemon water and be consistent with it walk a lot and just eat right you will notice a difference because apple cider vinegar and water and lemon juice and water they are homemade directex and they do the same thing that Lasix does for me which is causes me to get rid of fluid through my urine. I can't tell you how good it feels to get up and not hurt, to get up and not have to stretch while still laying in bed because if I get straight up my feet will feel like I have needles sticking in them because my legs are so tight from the fluid swelling up my lower legs causing them to be tight. Losing this weight has been so awesome and I'm not done. Like I said I have 44 more pounds to go before I reach my goal weight. My goal is to lose the last 44lbs and tone up my body before my birthday and my birthday is June 26th. I will be 41 years old so I want to lose, no I will lose the last 44lbs and possibly more by my birthday and will have toned up my body or at least be in the process of toning up my body. I want to be in shape and be healthy for the first time in my adult life. I've always had problems with my weight from the time I was in junior high school until now and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of my weight fluctuating and dealing with health issues and taking so many medications to make sure that this part of me works right that part of me works right and Asthma doesn't act up and the thyroid doesn't act up and my depression doesn't start kicking in, I'm just tired of all the medicine I'm tired of all the doctor visits I just want to be normal for a change and not take any medicine or at least take less than what I do now and that is my goal. I want to be healthy enough so where my medicine milligrams can get lowered and I can actually run again I want to be able to ride a bike again I want to be able to go to my parents and get out in the backyard with my dog and run and play with him I have no idea when the last time I actually ran. I just want to live life to its fullest while I'm still able to do it and with God on my side and determination in my heart it will happen. I started out weighing 267lbs and then I went down to 242lbs and then weeks to months later I ended up at 213lbs and now on February 28th 2018 I weigh 209lbs and I'm not done. I can't wait to see how I'm going to look when I actually reach my goal weight of 160-165lbs and my body is toned the way I want it to be. That is the day that gets me excited, that is the day that keeps me going, that is what I'm fighting for. The day that I can get up and look in the mirror and my stomach is flat, my arms are firm, my thighs are toned, and I can actually wear a size 9 again or even a size 12. That day will be the most exciting day of my life! For anyone and everyone who has taken the time to read my blog I thank you, your time is truly appreciated and for anyone and everyone who may have an #AutoimmuneDisease of any kind from #MyastheniaGravis, #Hyper or #Hypothyroidism, #Asthma, #GERD, #HighBloodPressure, #GravesDisease, #Lupus any disease/illness that you feel is preventing you from losing weight or causing you to gain weight please feel free to email me at: and I will respond to you within 24 hours. Thank you Journey of A PhatGurl😘💋

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