I’ve been writing since I was 9 and I by no means think I’m an ‘expert’ at it. Writing is an art sure, but anyone can write. There are those that have the talent of the written word and those that you wish would never have picked up that pen.

I’ve said somewhere in another post that my first story spoke about abandonment and that was a tough subject for my age but I’ve always been fuelled by my emotions and tapping into how I’m feeling makes me a better writer. If I cry at an emotional scene in my story…I know I’ve done a good job.

I started posting my stories online at Wattpad when I was 16 and I was happy at the feedback I was getting. The more reads and comments I received, the more I would write. To me, no feedback is bad feedback. I’m lucky enough to not have gotten any hate comments but there was a case or two when something didn’t go the readers’ way or they stopped reading my stories because they didn’t like the outcome. I don’t mind and I take it all as constructive criticism.

I’ve been asked countless times if/when I’m going to publish my work. The answer is plain and simple: I’m not.

I don’t have to explain myself to anyone because it’s my work and my choice but I’m going to do it anyway for those in the back row who constantly refuse to accept it.

I write because I want to. It helps me get all those thoughts out and many a time I have put my personal situations in a story. Not always a good thing but whatever.

My stories are free to whomever wants to read them and that’s how I plan to keep them. I don’t write for money and I don’t want to make money off my writing. My writing is a hobby of sorts and I never want it to become a job.

People don’t understand and they keep telling me I have a talent and I should use it. Well I am. I’m using it to entertain others. I don’t need them to give out money to enjoy what I can offer them at no cost. I write good stories if I say so myself. I’ll toot my own horn because I can. I recognise that I have a talent but I’m in no way ‘wasting it’. As long as people keep reading my works and enjoy them then I’m happy.

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