Often, one can see posts about the cities and countries they have just recently visited to share their experience with the rest of the world. Lausanne is actually the city that I live in and have lived here for the last almost 10 years. Lausanne is believed to be the capital city of Canton Vaud, Switzerland. It is so diverse in its architecture, attitude and hospitality and has so much to offer to its visitors and more importantly to its inhabitants. 

Sunday is my favourite day to wander around the city. The shops and other commercial institutions are closed on Sundays in Switzerland, allowing the citizens to enjoy the parks and the beautiful lakeside in tranquility. Families often take advantage of that, and spend the entire day together, which is so rare to find in this world today - that family is united for a day.

On a week day and Saturday, Lausanne is alive and is full of colors. Mornings are busy with people rushing to work, the sound of the cars in the background and occasionally few people will run past you to get to work in time. Starbucks is full of people, that like me, can't start their mornings without a cup of coffee. Lunch time is pretty much the same. It is in the evenings when people go out to an early dinner, and meet up with friends. The choice of places where to go to eat and what to do in the city is limited and yet anyone can find his or her perfect fit.

As a city Lausanne has its up and downs, which makes it so much more exciting to walk around. The city centre is full of small shops and some shopping malls and then towards the Ouchy, one can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake. Although, winter is beautiful in the city, my favourite time is summer - simply because there's nothing better than sipping your Aperol by the lake in a company of great friends. Winter has its perks too: Christmas market, Christmas Decorations, mountains covered in white snow - fairytale land.

So, if you have never been to Switzerland or Lausanne in particular, I suggest you take some time off work and visit this beautiful place. If you are looking for any tips, you can always contact me.

Published by Karina Saakyan