Being on time is important, very important. As Nadine Gourkow will tell you, being prompt says a lot about you as a person. Have you ever been sitting at a meeting place only to be left waiting for minutes, maybe hours for your co-worker to show up? If you have, you know exactly how angering it can be. Also, what are your thoughts of that person you are waiting for? Usually, people think the person is rude or doesn’t respect them. No one wants to feel disrespected. So, if you follow these simple rules, you can put your best foot forward every time.

  1. Make it a priority – As with anything, you first have to admit you have a problem before you can change. Recognize you have a problem with punctuality and start to fix it. Know that it is not a silly little quirk or character flaw, it is a bad habit. This habit can cost you a lot of money through missed clients or employment opportunities. Fix it now before it is too late.
  2. Track your time – It may sound obsessive but take notice how long it takes you to do ordinary tasks. This will better allow you properly allot time to complete tasks prior to a meeting. You have a meeting at 3 pm but you need to fold a load of laundry if it takes you 25 minutes know you don’t have time.
  3. Use a timer – Now that you have all your times tracked, continue to use a timer (this time one that counts down instead of up) to keep yourself on track. For example, if it takes you 10 minutes to shower in the morning, set your timer for 10 minutes. When the alarm goes off, get out and do your next task.
  4. Be realistic – There are people that just want to tell everyone yes so they don’t disappoint anyone. This is not realistic. You simply cannot fit all these tasks into one day. Nadine would like to take this opportunity to remind you, it is better to say no to someone than to do the job late that they were expecting on time.
  5. Give yourself a cushion – A common expression that should be adhered to at all times is, “if you are not early you are late.” The military teaches to be 15 minutes early to everything. The upside to always being early is when you do have something out of your control that makes you late, no one will say anything.


When you are on time, you convey to your appointment that you respect them, and their time is valuable. Nadine Gourkow is always on time to all appointments using the above list. In addition to everything, when you are on time you show people you are someone that can be counted on and that you are the kind of person they want to work with.

Published by Sister wives