It was a very special month for me and my family because we celebrated Father's day and 2 more events in one day. 

First, we went to the airport to welcome my cousin's wife. We hit the road at 2 am and arrived at 3 am. We saw a lot of views on the way to the airport, like huge malls, mountains, long tunnels and this ferris wheel.

We waited for almost 2 hours till she arrived. I tried to sleep but I was too excited to see her so I decided to read and take photographs around the airport.

After going to the airport, we then started the celebration and went to Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens. I felt like a kid again seeing tons of animals and riding the duck boat. Although it was raining we still made it to the boat ride and enjoyed it for almost thirty minutes.


Not just the rides, there is the Sky Tower and you can see the whole Nagoya while riding the elevator. When arriving at the top, we took the time to appreciate the beauty of Nagoya with their panoramic view.


And here is the fifth floor view:

Upon going home, the rain poured endlessly. Me and my dad run towards the parking lot to get the car.

It really is the best day, especially that I spent it with my whole family!


Published by Alyssa Ortega