As a little girl, I was interested in coloring my nails with pencils, markers, you name it, until the day I was introduced with nail polishes. So, as I grew older my desire grew along with me. One day I wasn’t satisfied with nail polishes anymore because they wouldn’t last long enough or they would peal after a day. And yes, I was a person who always gets her nails smudgy because I couldn’t wait for them to dry. When graduation came my nails were done in gel and the person responsible for them is still doing my nails. Currently I switched to acrylic because my nails look thinner, they’re stronger and corrections are shorter.  

Before you decide to do your nails in gel or acrylic you should know that the constant use of gel or acrylic can do harm to your nails. Read all about it in this article HERE



NAILS DONE BY: C nails salon

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