A new programme with a twist on modern dating, you view 6 people's naked bodies and whittle it down to the two people you find most attractive before presenting your own naked body and then choosing who to go on a date with. Is this right or wrong?

It could be perceived as wrong as is it basing attraction just on a physical basis, that regardless of their passions and ambitions you disregard four people solely based on their body. What ever happened to blind date? Find out who you most get on with before seeing them. Physical attraction does impact relationships, the stronger the attraction the better the bond with someone. However, if you have nothing in common with this person surely you cannot connect on an intellectual level?

However, this programme just provide a variety of different bodies, not just toned or sculpted but average, normal every day bodies. This is great, it boosts people's own self-esteem and promotes body confidence. As you can look at these naked bodies on TV and then look at your own body and hopefully this can make you feel normal, feel that your body is okay, feeling that your body looks similar to the one on TV and hearing the comments about that body, which are positive can make you feel more confident. By doing this we can see that every body is different, no body is the same. Raising awareness about what is 'normal'.

This programme has a lot of pro's and con's I think the focus is too much about sexual attraction rather than intellectual attraction. It could be teaching others to base their decisions on physical attraction only, why get to know someone if relationships are purely based on physicality. Out of the two episodes I watched only 2 or 3 of the couples chosen actually saw each other again, the rest said they didn't have enough in common and after the date felt less attracted to one another.

Relationships are more than just naked bodies and sexual connection, this doesn't mean that it is not important. Having the same ambitions, passions and likes and dislikes helps relationships grow stronger. I think this programme should be based more on what is inside than on the outside. It is doing a great thing to break the taboo of naked bodies and talking about our bodies, but not in aiding what really makes a great relationship, I think if not thought about carefully can promote shallowness, however it does show that everyone has very different tastes. It also discusses the evolutionary aspect of why we find certain qualities attractive. So, great on body confidence and awareness but not so great on helping society base their relationship choices on what is inside.

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt