After a blissful 6 days on the Amalfi Coast, our journey took us to the birth-city of the almighty pizza – Naples. Mrs FOMOist and I are either really good at convincing people to come join us on our travels or people genuinely like our company. The reason for going to Naples was to meet up with my cousin and her family (from Vancouver, Canada) who will be traveling with us until we leave Europe.

Living in London has been advantageous in more than one way. In addition to the amazing experiences we’ve had, we’ve met a lot of fantastic people from around the globe, which means expert advice on most places is within reach. One of my ex-workmate is from Tuscany and she helped me plan the Italian part of our trip. When I told her we were going to Naples, like everyone else, she told us to spend as little time in Naples as possible.

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Published by Manmeet Singh