Okay, the time is no better than now to start living and feeling great.At least within this life, until our casting call arrives, we can aspire to feel spectacular and live better healthier lives. We can spend so much time being our own worst critic of ourselves. In the midst of our self-loathing, we can even acquire the most distasteful feelings about ourselves and our physical body.

Therefore,  today is a ripe day to first disregard all that negative self-talk nonsense and begin to channel our feelings towards positivity and joy that isn't dependant on the evidence of our senses.

Yes, now open your eyes and see yourself the way you want to be right now. This is no easy task and will take practice but with the right amount of effort, you will begin to see not with your eyes but, through them. Enter into your imagination see, believe, and feel yourself to be the way you desire to be now.  Within the visual creative act of your imagination if the assumption remains persistent in will harden into fact. With that said, today we switch gears and discuss a health option that may just help feel great on your trip to healthy happy living.

The Power of Water on Fat 

Water is necessary to keep hydrated, assist with metabolism and, carry out natural detoxification within the body.Fat Flush is a technique used to help remove fat deposits and waste or toxins from the body. Water assists in expelling body waste out from your kidneys and out through your urine. 

Nice Natural Ingredients

High consumption of Preservative filled foods or chemically altered foods that are used often to preserve shelf life can wreak havoc on your body. More often than not continue eating such GMO (genetically modified organism) enriched food can leave you feeling sluggish and for some even emotionally depressed. To combat this body assault on health and wellness the use of natural foods as a detox. The use of these natural substances may help in not only in making you feel better by flushing out potential body toxins but improve your reduction of body fat too. 

What is a 'Fat Flush Cocktail' Exactly?

Fat Flush is a Water-induced beverage recipe where water is used to expel fat deposits and (body toxins). Fat can remain on due to the lack of activity or exercise. Even if you don't engage in extensive exercise daily this fat flush cocktail will help keep your body feeling great and also help you burn fat the natural way using natural ingredients. please be advised that consuming this beverage as well as with a daily exercise routine will increase results. You can still enjoy your lean whole foods diet with this treatment. It is advised you attempt to use fresh water and organic natural ingredients for the best results. 

Fat Flush Recipe

  • 2 Liters of water (64 oz.) (8 glasses full is recommended) Purified Fresh Water.
  • Tangerine sectioned -Stabilizes Blood sugar, high in vitamin C, increases fat burn 
  • 1 Lime or 1/2 Grapefruit sliced- Increases energy, fat burn
  • 1 Cucumber-decreases bloating retention, helps you feel more full. 
  • 4 Peppermint or Spearmint Leaves-Aide indigestion
  • Ice from Purified or Freshwater (optional)

Mix the ingredients in a pitcher at night before and refrigerate. Consume mixture throughout the next day. Try it out this fat burning detox recipe and feel the difference.   



Published by Naomi S. Gobern