As we get older, our bodies tend to show the effects. Wrinkles form as our skin becomes less elastic. Our skin dries out quicker as less sweat is produced and our muscles and bones grow weaker. We usually don't want to feel old, however. We want to feel healthy. We want to look and feel younger.

Part of looking younger includes having a youthful face. Laugh lines, crow's feet and sagging or drooping skin make us feel unhealthy and unattractive. Some resort to plastic surgery or Botox injections, but for others, the cost of such treatments is simply out of the question.

There are resources including and other sites with helpful information about ways to reduce age lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and other facial problems. You can also find additional information at your doctor or health care provider's office.

Here are a few natural facelift techniques to help you look and feel younger:

1. Release muscle tension

Age lines and facial wrinkles are often caused by tension in the skin. When we are stressed or if we just aren't feeling well, our skin often reacts accordingly. Avoiding skin exposure to extreme temperatures, washing your face at least once a day and using gentle face creams are great ways to release some of that skin and help your face to look and feel better quickly.

2. Take care of your cheeks

Firm cheeks help you look and feel younger, no matter how old you are. The bags of skin around the skin gradually sag as you age. You can help reduce this by exercising your chin. Lift your chin up and down several times a day, carefully massage the areas where the neck muscles meet the chin muscles, or try different facial exercises, like puckering your lips a few minutes at a time. It may feel funny at first, but these are a few simple ways to ward off aging that don't take a lot of time to do.

3. Eat healthy

As the old adage says, "we are what we eat." If we want to feel healthy, then we need to eat healthy, too. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water every day and avoiding fatty or greasy foods that are high in calories not only helps our face to feel healthier, but also improves the overall health for the rest of our body, bones, and muscles.

4. Natural facelift masks

These are another way to help your face feel younger that you can do in the comfort of your own home. There are dozens of different types of facelift masks available at your local spa, salon or health care retail outlet for every kind of skin type. Not only do these masks smell great, but they do a great job of relaxing the facial muscles, releasing tension and stress and helping your face regain its youthful appearance.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can help your face look and feel healthy without having to spend a lot of money. Whatever you decide, taking care of your face is important. It's usually the first thing someone sees when they meet you, and you want to feel happy, youthful and confident for as long as possible.


Published by Samantha Brown