If you're like me, you have a dying need to feed your wanderlust soul. I constantly need a change of scenery and get very antsy when I'm in one place for too long. I love being outdoors; whether it's in the woods hiking or at the lake swimming, I want to be out in nature. Who said you don't have to look cute doing it though? ;)

I lived in Bowling Green, KY for about two years while I was in college. I lived very close to Lost River Cave which is a big touristy place in BG. I loved the trails and as you can see I'm posing hard and being one with nature. 


Shirt- Charlotte Rusee 

Shorts-Aeropostale (seriously super cheap right now and super comfortable and make your booty look great)


Jewelry- I get it from everywhere but mostly boutiques or Forever 21




Now that I live in Nashville, TN I try to find "naturey" things to do even though this is a big city. I recently found Percy Priest Lake and fell in love with the clear blue lake and good vibes it brought. 

Bathing suit- Traingl in Peach Soda

I love the way I feel when I'm with nature and if you ever feel like that, keep doing whatever it is. It's nice to have a positive force that makes you feel 1296238x better about this twisted world. 

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”― John Muir

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<3 Brooke Paige

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